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Makena’s Personal Pop Single “Time of My Life”

“I wrote this song after my first year in LA, and it’s by far my most personal song”.

In May, 23 year old Los Angeles based singer Makena released her newest urban-pop song “Time of My Life.” This song is by far Makena’s most personal song that discusses the struggle of making it in the music industry as well as her experience with anxiety and depression. Makena says, “I wrote this song after my first year in LA, and it’s by far my most personal song.”

Not only is “Time of My Life” relatable for young adults that may feel like their life is falling apart, it’s the perfect pop song to kick off the summer with. Makena sings, “Welcome to LA. I’m young but I swear all my anxiety’s older than me … got a pity party in therapy like once a week.”

“Time of My Life,” co-written with Brooke Daye and produced by BTWN (Joseph Pepe and Zack Burke), will have listeners questioning whether they want to dance, laugh, or cry.

Last year, Makena released three of my favorite pop singles entitled “Roses,” “Let You Go,” and “Fuqboi Worktape.” These songs, along with “Time of My Life,” are filled with honest lyrics, infectious hooks, and a fusion of various genres that takes listeners through a roller coaster of emotions that go along with navigating life in the 21st century.

If you adore Taylor Swift, Fletcher and Olivia O’Brien, you will fall in love with the style of Makena, who has experimented with multiple styles over the years and continues to expand her horizons in music. Makena brings a new meaning to pop music with her honest lyrics on 21st century living.

With each release, I believe that Makena is going down the right path for “pop stardom.” Makena brings a candid and vulnerable edge to pop that not only shines in her personality and in her music but in “Time of My Life.”

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