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Metallic Hardcore Band Simulakra Releases New Album ‘The Infection Spreads’

Delaware based band, Simulakra, is pushing the boundaries of hardcore and metal music alike, with their latest album, The Infection Spreads. The album is out on DAZE Records today.

Simulakra by Ashley Simpson

It’s no surprise that this album brings an experienced and polished range of melodic hardcore. Members of the five piece group have an impressive resume, having played in an array of respected bands within the scene, such as Foreign Hands, Vicious Embrace and Gridiron. They formed back in 2018, and soon after gained traction with the release of their EP, Tales from the Fevered Subconscious.

Simulakra isn’t afraid of anything. Between the heavy, vicious guitar riffs and the gritty, yet passionate vocals — they create a controlled chaotic experience. As soon as you press play on the first track titled, “Eliminate,” you are immediately encapsulated into a high energy affair. The next nine songs are a constant flux of aggression and angst.

Disease, death and government control are at the forefront of themes explored throughout the album. While these topics are often incredibly morbid, in reality, the world is experiencing some pressing and difficult times. Their music is can definitely be seen as a coping mechanism for a lot of the darkness that is surrounding our society.

Simulakra doesn’t waste time creating music about things that do not spark a fire of emotions within listeners.

Just don’t listen to this before you go to sleep.

Watch the official music video for track five, “Fading Away” here:

The Infection Spreads, is available today, on all streaming platforms. Catch Simulakra playing the monumental This is Hardcore Festival (TIHC) in Philadelphia later on this summer. We can already imagine how chaotically beautiful their set will be.

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