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Mickey Darling Makes a Stop in Minneapolis on January 23

Indie band, Mickey Darling, made a stop at the Fine Line in Minneapolis this past week during their I’m Almost Over U, I Promise Tour. This tour follows the release of their latest in a long line of singles, “I WANT I WANT I WANT”, back in November. On what would normally be a slow Tuesday night, Mickey Darling packed the room with dedicated fans of all ages to deliver a lively and high-energy set full of crowd suggestions and dancing. 

Opening up the evening was Nick Wagen; a newer face in the Indie scene, but with more than enough talent to entertain for his short 45-minute opening set. Nick Wagen also released a new single back in November in preparation for this tour. The single followed the release of his full ten-track album in July of last year. Judging by the energy of the crowd during his set, I think it’s safe to say that he attracted some new fans. 

When Mickey Darling finally took the stage, fans were ecstatic. When I looked across the room, every single face was filled with pure bliss. One of the most interactive bands I have ever witnessed, it’s simple to understand why they have garnered such a passionate fanbase. At one point, the band even invited the crowd to join them on the stage. If you’re a fan of ironic lyrics and classic indie riffs, I would definitely recommend checking them out on the second leg of their tour which is happening right now! 

Nick Wagen

Mickey Darling

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