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Mom Jeans. Visits Buffalo, New York For Sold Out Show

Mom Jeans. brought their “Loud Epic Emo Music” to the Town Ballroom in Buffalo, New York on Monday, March 25, with Hunny, Summer Salt, and a special theme. One of my favorite parts about this tour is their themed nights. From sport jerseys, denim, goth nite, and disco to cat print, cowboy hats, and overalls, Mom Jeans. curated a unique theme for each night of this tour.

And the theme for the Buffalo? Camo.

So many fans were decked out in camo. Some only wore a t-shirt but others went all out with every single item of clothing in camo, even including shoes and hats. Even though I didn’t get the memo in time for camo, it was still cool to see this themed night come into action. More people should do this, even if it isn’t for every single day of a tour.

The band joked during the beginning of their set saying something along the lines of, “we can’t see you… there is no one here” (even though it was a sold out show).

This was my first time seeing each band on this show and it was a fun night all around.

California band Hunny opened the show in Buffalo. The trio played a mix of songs from their decade long history as a band including “action → reaction,” from their October 2023 album new planet heaven, and fan favorites “Vowels (and the Importance of Being Me)” and “Televised.” They had plushie friends joining them on stage, including Animal (yes, the Muppet) and Scooby Doo sitting next to the drum kit.

Trop-pop duo Summer Salt – singer/guitarist Matthew Terry and drummer Eugene Chung with touring members Winston Triolo and Anthony Barnett – have had an exciting past few weeks. Not only have they played shows with Mom Jeans., including this sold out show in Buffalo, they have announced their 2024 summer album Electrolytes with the new single “Poolside,” available to listen to now.

Their performance in Buffalo was a change of pace, in a good way. It introduced a calming yet intriguing performance including fan favorites like “One Last Time” and “Candy Wrappers.”

On their newest album Electrolytes, they share, “Each song is a theme in our adult lives and how we navigate the realness of it these days, just trying to be our best.”

The set was calming yet enjoyable and I could tell many fans in the crowd were enjoying it not only because Mom Jeans., was next but because of the captivating performance of Summer Salt of them doing their best.

Mom Jeans., a California based alternative rock and indie rock band, ended the night with an explosion of fun, good vibes, and a tone of unseriousness and yet seriousness at the same time (in a good way).

Right now, the band is touring their latest album, Bear Market, which came out in November of 2023. This album is fresh and new yet old. Bear Market is a group of 16 old Mom Jeans. tracks re-imagined and re-worked. Tracks including fan favorites “death cup” and “wassup;)” are included on the album. Bear Market proves to be a fun and creative way to still put music out and still be engaged with fans with the band while new music and other ideas might be in the works.

This was my first time seeing Mom Jeans. and it certainly was a treat. The band is unserious but in a fun and good way. You can tell that they truly appreciate anyone who took the time to watch the openers, work the show, and buy a ticket while at the same time cracking jokes on stage, inviting friends, and talking about the Town Ballroom being haunted.

They thanked the staff multiple times and told fans to tell the staff thank you, even recommending giving the staff a high five. After singer Eric Butler mentioned this, I noticed a few fans standing at the barricade give high fives to the security guards working.

Mom Jeans. crafted one of my favorite tour lineups of the year. Not only is it very clear that they are always having a super fun time on stage, they had an incredible list of openers for each show. It simply feels like a super fun and “Loud Epic Emo Music” tour with openers like Bad Bad Hats, Borns Without Bones, Free Throw, Just Friends, Macseal, Origami Angel, Slow Joy, and Sydney Sprague, on select shows.

They were happy to return back to Buffalo, too, and even invited friends Super American on stage with them for a few songs. Super American didn’t exactly sing along with the songs but they sat on a bench on the stage. Mom Jeans. had an off day after the show where they stayed in Buffalo and shared some hockey related activities with Super American.

One of my favorite moments of the show included a fan throwing a few boxes of Girl Scout Cookies on stage. The band really appreciated this gesture and dedicated the following song they performed to the fan.

A few nights before the Buffalo show, they had another off night. They played in Albany on March 20 and then on March 21, they stayed in Albany to watch Between You & Me and Young Culture at the Empire Underground. Between inviting Super American on stage, hanging out at another show on an off day, and the amazing tour lineup that the band curated, it’s clear that they care about the music community around them, which makes me enjoy the group more.

Mom Jeans. ended the set in a very fun way including guitar throwing, jumping off of the drum riser, and a cartwheel. In a (positive) way, it feels like you never know what is going to happen during a Mom Jeans. set. A few days after the Buffalo show, the tour was in Detroit, Michigan for Roundabout Fest, where Mom Jeans. threw donuts into the crowd.

Overall, I do think the Mom Jeans. performance was one of the best performances I have seen come through the Town Ballroom. Ever since 2019, I have been going to the Town Ballroom for a variety of shows and genres but I have never seen so many people move and sing along, truly. It was a very special show.

Have you had enough Mom Jeans. or do you want more? Head to the For The Punks YouTube channel to watch an exclusive interview that contributor Bethany Grace had with lead singer Eric Butler about this tour, new music, and so much more!

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