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Celebrating One Year of FTP: Musicians & Songs You Should Look Out For

Your favorite team at For The Punks took the time to compile a list of musicians and bands that you look out for! Not only did we think this would be the perfect list to celebrate one year of For The Punks, we are seriously blown away by the musicians on this list and felt the need to shout them out. With hardcore, rap, indie, rock, punk, pop, and more filling this list, you are sure to find your next favorite artist.

Point North

Recommended songs: “Personal”

Our contributor Melanie Bryan says that Point North has been blowing her mind lately, “I’m a little late to the game on discovering them but I was instantly hooked.” Point North’s debut album Brand New Vision is officially available everywhere.

Point North by Unknown

Molly Burch

Recommended songs: “needy”, “Freakin Out On the Interstate”, “Only One”

Austin based indie singer-songwriter making salads with dreamy vocals and a sound reminiscent of another era, a younger Jenny Lewis. She hasn’t come out with a new single since 2019 but just recently she released a chill version of Ariana Grande’s song ‘needy’ with a whimsical bedroom-pop feel.

Molly Burch by Unknown


Recommended songs: “Wait for You”, “Dreams”

18 year old from Sydney, AU started by making quirky guitar covers in his bedroom on Youtube and has quickly gained a following, releasing his r&b/indie singles on Spotify. He writes new music every Wednesday in his Writing Wednesday series on his channel.

grentperez by Unknown


Recommended songs: “try again”, “magnetic”, “love somebody like you”

The indie-pop duo from Little Rock just released a new EP earlier this month featuring major throwback vibes. I really love their old stuff as well like ‘love somebody like you’ or their 2018 EP, portra.

joan by Unknown

Made Violent

Recommended songs: “Milkshake”

Made Violent is a grunge and indie rock band from Buffalo, New York. Our contributor Dan claims they should be bigger. Made Violent, in their Twitter bio says that they are a ‘world famous American rock band.’ We happen to believe that’s true.

Made Violent by Unknown


Recommended songs: “Timee”, “Warm”, “No More Regrets”

18 year old indie-r&b artist whose music is woozy, dreamlike pop stuff that defies genres just came out with his first album in June. He came out with his first music video for his single ‘Timee’ for which his visual aesthetics are just as cool as his music is.

Stevan by Unknown

Nat & Alex Wolff

Recommended songs: “Glue”

These are not the same guys who starred in the hit Nick show, Naked Brothers Band, back in the 2000s. Now with a bit more experience and a more mature sound, their new single “Glue” is growing their profile in the indie scene.

Nat & Alex Wolff by Shelby Goldstein


Recommended songs: “I’m gonna tell my therapist on you” and “On Thin Ice”

Pinkshift is one of the best punk bands right now. Pinkshift is catchy, inspiring, motivating, and everything you would want out of a punk band and more. They’ve been getting a ton of press and attention (shout outs from Anti-Flag, Meet Me @ The Altar, All Time Low, and so many more) recently due to their banger of a song “I’m gonna tell my therapist on you”.


Queen Kobra

Recommended songs: “RIP Barbie,” “Texas,” “Anxiety”

Queen Kobra’s song “RIP Barbie” recently blew up because of the beloved app Tik Tok. Seriously, that’s how we found her. She’s one of the best artists we have found this year. She mixes rap, metal, and more elements into her music. Along with that, she shows that she has a “softer” side with her songs from the album Love & Loss.

Queen Kobra


Recommended songs: “Skin to Skin” and “Don’t Give Up Your Ghost”

Though Movements is already big in their scene, Emma says, “Movements has a good chance to blow up a bit more with this new album!” Their newest singles have been loved by fans, both new and old. On September 18, 2020 Movements will be releasing their new album called No Good Left To Give.

Movements by Unknown


Recommended songs: “Irrational Pull” and “Conflict of Interest”

156/Silence, a hardcore band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, recently released an album calledIrrational Pull. Even though they’ve been gaining traction due to the album, we still don’t think it’s enough. They deserve more attention.

156/Silence by Stone Fenk

A Will Away

Recommended songs: “Long Exposure”

Our contributor Dan shares that A Will Away is one of his favorite bands. He says that, “A Will Away has beautiful and catchy indie songwriting.” Their most recent EP Soup is now available to stream everywhere.

A Will Away by Benjamin Lieber

The Glorious Sons

Recommended songs: “Panic Attack” and “Pink Motel”

The Glorious Sons create classic rock mixed with contemporary pop song writing. It’s “crazy catchy” says Dan. Their most recent album A War On Everything is streaming everywhere now.

The Glorious Sons by Jonathan Weiner

Other Must Listen to Songs

“Codeine” by Cemetery Sun

“Hit Me Up” by Numi

“Maelstrom” by A Greater Danger

“Night Goggles” by Mindchatter

“Alive” by Guardin (featuring PVRIS)

“Lie to Me” by Tired Lion

“Slow Down” by The Buoys

“Tequila w Lime” by SZNS

“Feel It All (And Nothing)” by Eliza & The Delusionals

“Cover Me” by Eerie Shores

“Desk Chair” by Teen Jesus And The Jean Teasers

“Sour” by VOIID

“In Misery” by Coasting On Potential

“A Match Where Great Fire Should Be” by Greyhaven

“California” by girlfriends

We made a Spotify playlist with our picks and more! It’s the perfect listen. I’m sure you will find a new artist to add to your very own playlist. Stream it down below!

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