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Must Listens Of Fall 2023

The team members of For The Punks took the time for a fourth year in the row to compile a list of musicians and bands that you should be listening to this cozy fall season! There are 17 artists on our list this year! Read through to the end to find a Spotify playlist with all of our recommended songs. We hope you will take the chance to discover your next favorite artist!

Graphic by Luna Cayuela

1. Gregory Alan Isakov

Recommended songs: “Before The Sun,” “San Luis,” and “Southern Star”

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and now calling Colorado home, horticulturist/musician Gregory Alan Isakov has cast an impressive presence on the indie-rock and folk worlds with his six full-length studio albums. Isakov tours internationally with his band, and has performed with several national symphony orchestras across the United States.

Mae Saunders says, “To me, the fall season goes with folk music and Gregory Alan Isakov is one of my favorite folk artists right now! He just released an album on August 18 titled ‘Appaloosa Blues’ and it will be on repeat for me for the next three months. Check him out!”

2. Hozier

Recommended songs: The whole ‘Unreal Unearth’ album.

Released the same day as Gregory Alan Isakov’s album, Unreal Unearth by Hozier is one of our highly recommended albums for the fall. An emotionally hitting August 18 day. It’s Hozier’s third album and he muses about his pandemic experience through the lens of Dante Alighieri’s famous poem Inferno.

Meagan says, “Just trust me, it’s perfect if you’re in the mood to yearn.”

3. Addison Grace

Recommended songs: “Slime,” “White Lie,” and “If Nobody Likes U”

On September 29 singer-songwriter Addison Grace (he/they) released their debut album, Diving Lessons. The album highlights why they are considered one of the strongest members of a new generation of artists who blur the lines between bedroom pop, indie rock, emo, and folk, all without ever fitting into one of these categories.

Diving Lessons showcases exponential growth for Addison. They bring structure and vibrancy to their sound, creating a record that unfolds like a multi-act play, complete with characters, spectacle, and plenty of drama. With a narrative arc that tells a story from start to finish, Diving Lessons is at turns intimate, funny and gut-wrenching, filled with universal feelings that Addison believes could be felt by the twin characters of “nobody” and “anybody” who appear as protagonist and antagonist across the record.

“This entire album is about healing, and going through something really hard as a teenager, and having to grow through it,” Addison said. “I named it ‘Diving Lessons’ because when you hit the water, it hurts and it sucks, and you’re overstimulated and it’s hard, and you have to swim to the edge. That’s how this album feels to me.”

Photo by Monica Murray

4. Laur Elle

Recommended songs: “The Man” and “July”

Singer-songwriter Laur Elle will be releasing her new album Delayed Reaction on October 13 and it’s a high-energy blend of folk, rock, and pop. Our team member Arden shares, “Laur Elle creates dreamy-sounding singer-songwriter pop that gives off major main character energy, and is chalk full of powerful lyrics and catchy melodies. If you’re looking to add something cinematic to your fall soundtrack, you’ve found it!”

5. Magnitude

Recommended songs: “Of Days Renewed,” “Rectify,” and “To Whatever Fateful End”

North Carolina’s Magnitude released Of Days Renewed… their sophomore album on September 15 through Triple B Records. The straight-edge band has crafted eight passionate hardcore songs aimed for the listener to immerse in the lyrical content as much as moving in the pit. It’s a must listen to this fall, especially if you are looking for another instant classic in the hardcore scene, and it’s one of our favorite albums of the year.

The entirety of the album stands with the band’s mission of channeling aggressive energy into positivity and one that expands from energy-packed live shows to everyday lives. With the release of Of Days Renewed…, Magnitude stands as a band with purpose set for acceleration.

Photo by Joe Calixto

6. Olive Klug

Recommended songs: “Coming of Age” and “Out of Line”

LA-via-Portland queer singer-songwriter Olive Klug released their debut album Don’t You Dare Make Me Jaded on August 11. It’s a free-spirited, post-adolescence record about the uncertainty of the path less traveled by, choosing freedom over conformity, and allowing oneself to make mistakes. In return, Olive hopes the overarching sound pays homage to their favorite folk singer-songwriters, with poignant lyrics and passionate vocals as the record’s centerpiece.

In their own words, they reveal this about their debut record, “The central theme of my debut album, ‘Don’t You Dare Make Me Jaded’ is exactly what it sounds like; a brave proclamation that in the face of a world that tries to make us conform, take away our rights, and convince us that all hope is lost, I refuse to become jaded. It’s about coming of age in the modern day; discovering ways to pursue joy, write my own rules, and learn how to take up space as someone who has been taught to make myself small.”

Photo by Shannon Williams

7. Save Face

Recommended songs: “A Lesson In Dramatics” and “Found Dead at the Crime Scene”

Themed similar to your favorite Halloween vibes, New Jersey based band Save Face has been on our radar for many months now. We think they’re the perfect band to listen to this fall not only if you’re a fan of bands like My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, and Jhariah but if you are looking for some new music. They just releases the song “Found Dead at the Crime Scene,” which is off of an upcoming EP (which may or may not be available at their merch table as a cassette on their current tour dates).

They’re currently on the road with Just Friends and they will be heading to the UK soon to play some shows with Creeper.

8. Pulses.

Recommended songs: “Run the Ghouls” and “Different Strokes”

Pulses., from Virginia, is a fresh offering of progressive post-hardcore. From humble beginnings in their debut album bouquet in 2017, the band has a clear-cut unique sound that sets them apart. Characterized by memorable genre-staple callouts and a passion for their craft, the four-piece has won the hearts of listeners in their short tenure. One could expect to hear pulses. in the shuffle of such bands as Happy Hour, Dwellings, and good friends I Met A Yeti.

Their third full length record, It Wasn’t Supposed To Be Like This, released on September 29 and it is one of the most notable releases of the year. Be sure to add it to your fall rotation!

Photo by Jane Sun

9. Floor Space

Recommended songs: “Easier,” “Smile While It’s Ending,” and “Judd Nelson”

Floor Space carries the torch from the classic pop punk and early 2000s emo we know and love. Having been compared to Green Day and Jack White, the project is the brainchild of Pennsylvania-native Charlie Bruno. Following their self-titled LP (2017) and second full length “Nothing Makes Sense” (2022), Charlie draws from heartbreak and car crashes to create their introspective third record Maybe This Is It out October 20. Incorporating sounds across the rock spectrum, Floor Space finds light in darkness in their own tongue-in-cheek fashion, solidifying their place in the fifth wave of pop punk.

Photo by @redhatjessy

10. Maisie Peters

Recommended songs: “There It Goes,” “Body Better,” and “Run”

Two of the For The Punks contributors suggested Maisie Peters to listen to this fall, and for obvious reasons. Kirsten shared, “Maisie just put out an incredible sophomore album this summer and it’s perfect for anyone who wants to celebrate delusion or who just loves really good music.” From summer to fall, this is an album that should be carried into the next season.

Nicole Frunza says, “I’m recommending Maisie Peters because she is currently on her ‘The Good Witch’ tour so if you like any of these songs, go see her live!”

11. Billie Marten

Recommended songs: “Liquid Love,” “Cursive,” and “Mice”

Growing up in Ripon, North Yorkshire surrounded by the music of Nick Drake, John Martyn, Joni Mitchell, Joan Armatrading, Kate Bush, Loudon Wainwright III and northern folk artist Chris Wood, Billie Marten learned well from her sonic teachers; imbuing their lessons into her rosy, indie folk discography. A singer-songwriter whose songs adeptly explore social commentary, the struggle with modernity vs tradition, nature, mental health, relationships, and a general voyeurism on the world as she sees it.

Releasing her fourth record Drop Cherries on April 7, she describes the album as “a series of vignettes highlighting different pieces of a relationship, while trying to fit them together. From celebrating moments of the mundane, through deep existential questioning, to the final resolve which is the pure simplicity of sharing a moment with someone you love.”

Our contributor Taliyah Fox shares, “Her songs are incredibly relaxing and she has such a calming voice. It’s the kind of music that makes you want to fall asleep (in a good way).”

Photo by Katie Silvester

12. Angel Du$t

Recommended songs: “Racecar,” “Space Jam,” “YAK”

Angel Du$t, the most daring band in punk/hardcore, released their highly anticipated new album, BRAND NEW SOUL on September 8 via Pop Wig Records. BRAND NEW SOUL combines rock & roll swagger, hardcore ferocity, and adventurous production flourishes to prove once again that there’s no other band quite like Angel Du$t.

Justice Tripp’s work is marked by an ever-evolving creativity that’s made him highly influential, and BRAND NEW SOUL proves exactly why. The record is a fearless and open-hearted tribute to all things rock, offering listeners a chance to be right there with Angel Du$t on the cutting edge. Tripp has always had an eye on the future, but Angel Du$t’s time is now.

Photo by Elyza Reinhart

13. Greer

Recommended songs: “Way Out,” “Connect the Dots,” and “Understand”

Greer has come a long way in a short amount of time. One thing’s for sure after hearing their 2021 EP Happy People: Greer will have no trouble exciting their listeners for years to come, including this 2023 fall season. Our contributor Liza shares, “Greer is a modern indie band with a 90s sound and vibe. Their music always puts me in a good mood and is equally good live.”

14. PinkPantheress

Recommended songs: “Pain,” Just For Me,” and “Break It Off”

From recently releasing a collaboration song with Ice Spice to announcing a 2024 tour with Olivia Rodrigo, PinkPantheress has been on our radar for some time. Our writer Lilith suggested PinkPantheress for you to listen to this fall. She has a very distinct sound that is on the rise yet still deserves more recognition.

15. The Band Camino

Recommended songs: “See You Later,” “What Am I Missing,” and “Daphne Blue”

On August 11, Nashville-based pop-rock trio, The Band CAMINO (composed of Jeffery Jordan, Spencer Stewart, and Garrison Burgess) proudly revealed their awaited sophomore album, The Dark. Fueled by the band’s infectious, unguarded, guitar-driven sound that first captivated fans on tryhard and their self-titled debut album, The Dark boldly challenges the complexities of life, love and self-discovery, inviting listeners along for the ride. The trio masterfully turns darkness into light by juxtaposing introspective lyricism with intoxicating pop melodies, pushing the boundaries of their already impressive discography.

Contributor Christi says, “Incredible new album that defines who they are as a band. A clear sound— you know it’s The Band Camino.”

16. Teen Idle

Recommended songs: “Saccharine” and “Birthday Cake”

From the project of multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Sara Abdelbarry, Nonfiction is a kaleidoscopic sonic memoir, and unfolds over its 11 tracks as a largely autobiographical work. It’s a beautiful debut album from the New Jersey based artist.

Sara Abdelbarry shared, “I named the record ‘Nonfiction’ because it’s literally what it would be like to open my journal and read through my thoughts over these specific few years of my life. That being said, I hope whoever listens to this album can appreciate the varied experiences that come with growing up and see my own version of the moments of heartbreak, joy, and anger that come with that.”

Photo by Emma Murphy

17. Emma Ogier

Recommended songs: “Consider Me A Winner,” “First Base,” and “Too Young For That”

19-year-old Emma Ogier is quickly making a name for herself. Drawing inspiration from established artists like Lori McKenna, Phoebe Bridgers, and Joni Mitchell, her unique sound blends elements of country and indie pop, creating an evocative atmosphere that captures the hearts of her listeners. With only three singles out right now, Emma is a stand out musician to us that is a perfect pairing for the current fall season. We can’t wait to hear what Emma releases next.

As she continues to gain recognition and accolades, there’s no doubt that Emma Ogier is poised for a successful breakthrough this fall and heading into 2024.

Photo by Reed Schick

We made a Spotify playlist of a bunch of the songs listed above!

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