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Niki Demar Plays First-Ever Headlining Show At Gramercy Theatre in NYC

On November 4, 2021, artist and social media influencer Niki Demar held her first-ever headlining show at Gramercy Theatre in NYC. For years, Demar has struggled to find a way out of being known for her infamous YouTube channel with her twin sister Gabi and more known for herself and her music. Demar has opened up in multiple videos about finding her style and even admitted to feeling like she couldn’t be herself due to the fans and media attention on her past self. After many years of experimenting, it’s evident that Demar has discovered a version of her true self through her expression in her fashion and down to her music. On September 3, 2021, Niki released her very own EP titled Nights Alone. Both Niki and Gabi have released numerous singles together, but none can compare lyrically to Niki’s current music. In Demar’s most recent EP, she explores depression, loneliness, and her struggles to accept her present reality.

With opener Mason Musso from The Metro Station, Demar started the show with her fans’ overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Opening up her set with “Messy Room,” Demar exclaims, “I recognize all your faces, hi!”

“Guy’s, this is my first show!” she exclaims before sobbing happy tears and walking off stage for a moment to compose herself. “I’m shaking. This is so overwhelming in the best way… I’ve wanted this for so long.”

She continues the show playing the rest of her latest EP along with a few covers, including Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever” and taking the time to explain how well her fans know her to have sent this song her way the day it came out. She also had a special appearance of her twin sister Gabi to perform their 2017 single as a duo, R U.

Along with her fans, Demar had the support of her friends and family in the crowd screaming and dancing along as she performed. A night that she will never forget and the start to many more like this, Demar ends her show dancing around the stage waving a pride flag as she belt to “Alone In My Car.” Demar later took to Instagram to go through all of her tags and mentions to repost what was a magical night for the singer.

Mason Musso

Niki Demar

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