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Norii Debuts Powerful Single “So It Goes”

“Writing this song was my process of understanding all of the contradictory feelings I had when I broke up with this guy.”

21-year-old Norii debuted her first song “So It Goes” in May. This song is a powerful art-pop anthem filled with a triumphant, yet sorrowful, chorus and sound that captures the moment of impact in a long-overdue breakup.

“So It Goes” captures the moment of impact in a long-overdue breakup. Realizing she’s the bad guy in the situation, Norii owns the role and twists the knife, breaking up with her partner in a cold “So It Goes.” The song oscillates between aching verses and a triumphant, yet sorrowful, chorus–encapsulating the emotional incongruences that come with the end of a doomed relationship.

“I wrote ‘So It Goes’ to figure out why I was so torn up about a breakup that I instigated. The truth of it is, I felt more in the breakup than I ever did during the relationship, and writing this song was my process of understanding that,” said Norii to Atwood Magazine, who premiered her song back in May. “I was really going through it long before I started seeing this guy, and it went unresolved the whole time. As a result, I ended up projecting my issues onto him, so I grew to resent him more every minute we were together. Being the one to hurt him conflicted with my sense of self at the time. Basically, I wasn’t used to being the asshole.”

Watch the official lyric video for “So It Goes” here:

Her lyrics are unabashedly self-reflective, weaving her experiences with heartbreak, depression, eating disorders, and a semi-dysfunctional family, into an ongoing story of her life. This is a perfect debut song.

Norii’s alternative pop and indie-pop vibes and vocals remind me of an early Christina Perri. With such powerful lyrics and vocals, Norii is able to capture the listener from the very first note. Norii sings, “Kissing me everywhere wont turn your luck tonight, that’s just how it goes. Don’t get too comfortable I’m ’bout to drive on home, I’ll be alright.” Norii recommends, especially now, that if quarantine has torn you and your lover apart, or simply thrown you into a pile of self-deprecation, you should probably give “So It Goes” a try.

Norii said on a social media post, “too bad I got more out of writing the song than I did from the actual relationship.”

After releasing a flawless debut song with such high emotion, I can’t wait to see what Norii releases next. With a song like “So It Goes,” it is clear that Norii has a place in music. If you are looking for a new song to kick off your week with, this song is it.

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