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Oliver Tree’s 2022: A New Album and Tour Including A Stop In Charlotte, NC

On March 18, I had the great pleasure to see Oliver Tree in Charlotte, North Carolina at The Fillmore touring his new record, Cowboy Tears. His openers on this tour were two new artists by the names of Seuco and 347aidan.

Oliver Tree’s new album, Cowboy Tears, came out February 18, 2022. The first song I head off this record was, “Cowboys Don’t Cry,” the opening track of the album. This one song was stuck in my head for at least a week. That’s how the rest of the record is too. Most of the songs stay in the folk and acoustic style, like the songs “Swing & A Miss” and “Cigarettes,” but the album also leans into a very midwest emo style. This variety is something I’ve honestly never seen one artist do well and songs like, “Things We Used To Do,” to me, feels like a homage to early 2000s emo.


The first performer of the night was Seuco. Before the show, I’ve heard of him previously but never took the time really listen to him. He started the show off right with the classic 2000’s pop-punk vibe that made its comeback in the past year. Seuco was very fun to watch and interacted with the crowd very well.


Next up on The Fillmore stage was an artist by the name of 347aidan. Before this show, I only knew one of his viral songs like “MEMORIES!” and “Dancing In My Room” through social media. The crowd loved him. Being so young, I was surprised to see how good they were live. 347aidan left the crowd wanting more, for sure!

Oliver Tree

Lastly we have the one and only, Oliver Tree who is known for the weird and quirky music. There’s no denying there is magic in what he makes.

Oliver played many of the songs from his recent album live and the crowd knew every word, just like the rest of his previously released songs that were on his setlist.

For his set he opened with some older songs and his classic Oliver Tree outfit. He changed throughout the set and when it got to the point to celebrate the new album, crew completely rearranged the stage to look like a ranch. and Oliver Tree changed into his cowboy uniform. He is clearly an amazing showman. The whole set was so interesting you just couldn’t stop watching. The same goes for his new album, a must-listen 2022 release.

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