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Pale Waves And 5 Seconds Of Summer Perform In Charlotte, NC On July 3

On July 3, I had the incredible opportunity to capture Pale Waves and 5 Seconds Of Summer on tour in Charlotte, North Carolina! What an amazing show. First up on the stage was Pale Waves. Last time I saw them was in 2019 with The 1975 and they have only gotten better since. The band also just released a new single/video “Jealousy!” You can check that out through the link here.

As for their live performance, absolutely amazing. The whole band has this very relaxed energy to them but somehow also being fierce and energetic. They know exactly what to give to the crowd. A very entertaining group of people to watch perform and on top of all that, they are extremely tight as a band. The band not missing a single beat and the lead singer hitting her notes perfectly. Truly can’t go wrong with this amazing group of people.

Next up was 5 Seconds Of Summer! The crowd went absolutely crazy when their intro started. To warm the crowd up, the band had multiple “commercial” style videos playing during intermissions to keep the crowd entertained, but nothing competes the band actually being on stage. The music shook the whole amphitheater and the screams almost brought it to the ground. Definitely one of the loudest crowds I’ve experienced. Also, the stage production and layout were absolutely stunning, if you can’t tell from the photos. The band was just as amazing as the production. They know how to entertain their audience while also smashing every song they play. It was such a beautiful show to capture and I’m honored to be able to share it! Looks like the band is taking a break right now until they go back on the road to Australia in December. If you’re able to, go see them pronto! You won’t be disappointed.

Pale Waves

5 Seconds Of Summer

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