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Paradise Fears Plays Their Greatest Hits Tour

Paradise Fears made their live show comeback in 2023 after a four year break — amidst a pandemic, becoming parents, writing books, and more.
Paradise Fears announced three shows for their summer run of 2023. They played shows in Chicago, New York City, and Nashville. I had the pleasure of attending the New York City show this past August. 
When I arrived at the venue, a lit up sign at Gramercy Theatre greeted me and the fans for the evening with: “PARADISE FEARS – SOLD OUT.” The line to enter the building was wrapped around the block and people didn’t finish piling in until minutes before their opener went on. 
Their opener, AJ Smith, did a great job of getting the crowd warmed up. He had a lovely stage presence and was incredibly energetic. His parents were even in attendance and it felt like a special performance for everyone involved. 
Paradise Fears arrived on stage shortly after AJ. Everyone applauded them as soon as they set foot on stage. Their setlist consisted of a pre-decided list of songs that were chosen by each of the six band members as well as fan votes via a previous livestream. It was clear that everyone had been waiting a long time to hear these songs live again and sing along. 
The six band members — Sam, Cole, Jordan, Marcus, Michael, and Lucas — are all living vastly different day-to-day lives. These shows are not only a reunion for the fans, but for the band members as well. Sam states: “It’s great to see you all in the crowd, but even better to see everyone in the band,” as they are all spread out across the country these days. 
It is an incredible experience to witness this sold out crowd even after a hiatus. Apparently, this was Paradise Fears‘ biggest show that they’ve ever played, which I was so happy to be a part of. It’s clear that they are all just on stage having fun. And it’s the same for everyone in the audience. Sam goes on to say, “it didn’t all make sense before, and it all makes sense now.” 
Paradise Fears shows are few and far between these days, but they are never dull moments. Fans travel from across the country — even some from England — to attend their shows. I think this speaks to how genuine each and every one of the band members are. I myself traveled about 250 miles to this show and it is always worth it. If they happen to be at a venue near you in the future, it will absolutely be a night filled with fun and energy. 
I’m grateful I got to attend plus photograph this show and I can’t wait until next time! 

AJ Smith

Paradise Fears

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