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Review: Simulakra Release New EP “Reincarnation”

“Its us but at our purest, best form.”

It has been five years since Delaware based hardcore band, Simulakra, erupted onto the underground hardcore scene, capturing audiences with their rapidly commanding sound. Reincarnation is the band’s new release, a five song EP that perhaps may be the most vulnerable the band has ever sounded.

Photo by Kat Nijmeddin

Hailing from the East Coast offers it’s own inspiration within itself for Simulakra, as the scene is saturated with influential artists. The band boasts members of other bands within the same genre, with the collaborative efforts showcasing through their sound.

Reincarnation, is the follow up project to their acclaimed release, The Infection Spreads, which received high praise, while securing some coveted tour spots as well. Vocalist Dom Pabon used, The Infection Spreads, as a vessel to share his experience in the midst of dealing with his chronic illness. This time around with the release of the new EP, his experience is a lot different.

“I had time to fully flesh out tracks, being able to write different themes for each song, and lyrics,” explains Pabon. “After I was done writing, I noticed and overarching theme of spirituality.”

Upon listening to Reincarnation for the first time, listeners are immediately greeted with, “Dead on the Cross,” which sets the tone for what is to come. The instant heavy, fast paced riffs lead into an aggressive chorus. It flows into the previously released single, “Heathen’s Prayer,” that is the perfect culmination of the dark emotions one battles with the course of an ill forgotten life, filled with regret. These tracks stood out the most to me, along with “Sanctify,” which is simply put — an incredibly captivating song, that sets Simulakra apart from the rest.

“This EP is a reincarnation of the band. It’s us at our purest, best form,” states Pabon.

Reincarnation, is out today, March 15, on DAZE Records.

If you’re headed to Life and Death Brigade (LDB) fest next weekend, you can check out Simulakra performing at the pre-show event on March 21 with World Of Pleasure and Sanction.

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