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Royal & the Serpent Plays Through Heaven and Hell in Austin, TX

Alt-rock artist, Royal & the Serpent (aka R&TS) hit the stage in Austin, TX as part of her first headlining tour, ‘I’ll Never Give Up On You.’ As I looked around the venue, I couldn’t help but notice there was a theme. Many R&TS fans were dressed in devil horns, with black and red clothing.

Royal & the Serpent introduced the set by saying, “welcome to heaven, where you can be anything you want to be.” At one point during the first half of the set, someone shouted out a song that they wanted to hear to which, singer/songwriter Ryan Santiago responded, “we’re still in heaven.”

The setlist was split into two parts: Heaven and Hell. In the first half, Royal & the Serpent sang many slower, heartfelt songs like “Sweet Tooth” and “Slug.” Before entering into hell, Royal & the Serpent recited a poem, fell to the floor and arose with blood splattered across her once pristine white dress. The Hell section of the set was filled with angsty, upbeat songs which got the crowd off their feet. RATS played songs like “Choke” and “FUCKBOI REJECTS.”

RATS is being supported on tour this month by Jutes and Baby Fisher. You can catch Royal & the Serpent on tour throughout the United States this fall. More information and tickets can be found here.

Baby Fisher


Royal & the Serpent

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