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Sam MacPherson Returns to Boston

After catching New Jersey native Sam MacPherson’s support set on Jeremy Zucker’s Is Nothing Sacred? Tour, it was clear to everyone in the crowd that Sam is definitely one to watch. He had a lot of really great stories to go along with each song and did a fantastic job of connecting with fans all around the massive two story venue in Boston, Massachusetts.

Kevin Atwater opened up the night and got the crowd warmed up for both amazing acts to follow. Jeremy Zucker finished out the night and had some incredible visuals to go with each song of his headline set. Sam Macpherson was the perfect addition to this lineup in every way. If you haven’t listen to him yet, we highly recommend his music and his live performances. He finished out his first headline tour earlier this year, but he still has so much left to show us!

Kevin Atwater

Sam MacPherson

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