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Samia Opens Up For Bleachers On ‘From the Studio to the Stage’ Tour

Samia opened for Bleachers on a crowded Friday night at The Anthem in Washington, D.C. on June 14.

Samia is free-spirited and has fun playing alongside her band on stage. Her bandmate Alyicia Lang had released a brand new song the day of the show, and a few fans at the front made “happy release day” signs for her.

I appreciated that Samia’s set was on the longer side for an opener, about 45 minutes. It was enough time to hear a diverse selection of songs from her discography. I would strongly encourage showing up early and making sure you catch their set!

Bleachers came on stage with a bang and were prepared to play their sold-out crowd. Everyone was happy to be there and excited to show up for them.

The night was full of energy and good music!



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