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Scene Queen: Bimbocore and Her Career So Far

Scene Queen is a new artist that started her career on TikTok back in 2020. She released her first single “Are You Tired?” under the name RØSÉ in September 2020. The song was released a year later under her current artist name, and with a lyric video on YouTube.

“Pretty in Pink” was her second song to be released in August 2021, and it came with a music video. When it was released, Scene Queen shared this comment under the video: “HI EVERYONE: I wanted a song to highlight the pressure society puts on women and how much it affects our mental health and how we view ourselves.”

The same month, Scene Queen announced that she signed a record deal with Hopeless Records! She shared the wonderful news on Instagram with this photo,

Photo Credit: Maxine Bowen

The third song to be released was “Pink Bubblegum”, accompanied by a music video. In her cutest video to date, she is running throughout Hopeless Records, taking it over. Once again, Scene Queen shares the backstory to the song and music video for her fans.

The first song of 2022 to be released was “Pink Rover”. She released a music video with it, which is her in a sorority house for Bimbo Beta Pi. A TikTok trend has started because of this song, showing your face pre-makeup during the lyrics “If that bastard whistles / Put a knife up to his boner / Cut him.” and showing off a makeup look during the following breakdown.

In the past few weeks, Scene Queen has not only released “Pink Rover”, but she has shared three different announcements. The first is that she is playing her debut show at The Echo in Los Angeles on May 2nd! She will be playing with Banshee, another artist who has started their career on TikTok.

The second announcement is that her first EP, Bimbocore, will be released on April 29! There will be six songs on it in total. The tracklist is:

1. Bring It On

2. Pretty In Pink

3. Pink Bubblegum

4. Pink Panther

5. Pink Rover

6. Pink Paper

The third announcement is that there is now more merchandise released! In November, there were only pieces of merchandise available, both shirts saying ‘Bimbocore’, one in black and one in pink. Now there are six shirts, including two crop tops. To me, the most important item of this drop is the Bimbocore Vinyl EP. The vinyl has a pink splatter design on it and there are only open thousand copies made!

I have been a fan of Scene Queen since September 2020. I have never been more excited to see an artist grow, and it is wonderful to see her talent bloom.

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