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SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Greyhaven, Wristmeetrazor, Vatican, and Stand Still in Syracuse, NY

I had the pleasure of catching SeeYouSpaceCowboy… recently on tour in support of their new album, The Romance of Affliction. Opening the tour was a phenomenal lineup, consisting of Stand Still, Vatican, Wristmeetrazor, and Greyhaven.

Stand Still

Opening the night was Stand Still, who were semi-local support (hailing from Long Island). I would say that they are a blend of a few different styles, however it boils down to a mix of hardcore punk and modern emo. Their vocals give me almost a nu-metal vibe. Stand Still had tons of great energy and crowd interaction. However, they sadly had to cut their set a few songs short, as their singer fell and potentially re-broke his arm (after a previous injury a few weeks prior). Despite this, they put on a fantastic set. Stand Still is for fans of Koyo, Life’s Question, and Method of Doubt.


Playing next was Vatican, a Savannah, GA group. Referring themselves as, “hardcore’s answer to metalcore,” this outfit surely proved that with their performance. I personally get a big technical hardcore vibe from them as well. Absolutely insane guitar work. The band also has a cool video game theme they weave into their work that I really appreciate. It is massively prevalent in their newest single, “Decemeta.” They are for fans of Sanction, Chamber, and Vamachara.


Following Vatican, Wristmeetrazor took the stage. They are originally from Washington, D.C. Immediately, I was taken by their entire aesthetic. I felt like it fit perfectly with their music, as well as the rest of the artists on the bill. Stylistically, they were a perfect fit to this tour. Their sound is very similar to SYSC’s, making the two like bread and butter. Wristmeetrazer also released a new album this year. Produced by Knocked Loose’s Isaac Hale (who also features on “Last Tango In Paris”), Replica of a Strange Love was released via Prosthetic Records in June 2021. Wristmeetrazor is for fans of Dying Wish, Serration, and Knocked Loose.


Our last opener on the bill was Greyhaven. They are a modern post-hardcore band hailing from Louisville, KY. I had never heard them before, but I was massively impressed with their performance. Both their singer’s clean and unclean vocals were roaring throughout the venue. Their bassist, Johnny Muench, was absolutely captivating to me with both his playing and his tone. I appreciate the stylistic variety I have discovered in their music. I hear them touch on so many different subgenres, from hardcore to metalcore to emo. Greyhaven is for fans of Lotus Eater, VCTMS, and Invent Animate.


Last (but most certainly not least), we have SeeYouSpaceCowboy… SYSC are reminiscent of the MySpace era, sustaining a very unique sound compared to other modern rock acts. The LA based group very quickly showed that they were well worth the wait. The energy their sets have is just mind blowing. This was my second time seeing them, the first being when they opened for Knocked Loose in 2019. Both times I have noticed one thing in particular; constant on stage movement. The members of this band don’t stop, it is evident how much they put into their performance. Like most bands on the bill, SYSC dropped new music this year. This tour was in support of their second full length LP, The Romance Of Affliction, that dropped in November via Pure Noise Records. If you get the chance, absolutely catch SeeYouSpaceCowboy… you will not regret it. If you like If I Die First, Kaonashi, and, you will like SeeYouSpaceCowboy.

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