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Serena Sun’s New Summer Single: “What You Wanted” Review

Serena Sun is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Vancouver who would describe her music as “indie pop and ambient soundscapes.” Her new single, “What You Wanted,” came out on Friday, April 23, 2021. We found Serena Sun through TikTok, where she posts fun videos going into her music journey and diving into her lyrical process.

Serena expresses that for “What You Wanted,” this song is her thoughts on past relationships, and the raw emotions that come with ending one, particularly an unhealthy and unfulfilling one.

Photo by Cassie Masangkay

Serena explains her lyrics and the final ending of her relationship: “I would have loved to stay friends with the ex I’m talking about in this song, but the way the aftermath of the breakup played out, and how it felt like he was keeping me around as a safety net for himself, made it impossible for me. A healthy relationship is built on a foundation of ongoing mutual love and support; looking back now, I see that we were together for selfish reasons. We each served a purpose for one another at the time, and when that purpose was no longer needed, we didn’t need each other…”

When I think of our up-and-coming “hot girl summer” I think about cutting ties with the people who no longer serve us, and this song perfectly reflects that need. I could definitely see this song fitting into a summer playlist, one particularly good for hyping yourself up and reminding yourself of your worth.

This song is a great capture of her style. I particularly am able to get the indie pop, and to me it reminds me a bit of 1989 era Taylor Swift. The upbeat synth pop energy is also reminiscent of songs by the 1975 and CHVRCHES.

"What You Wanted" Artwork by Cassie Masangkay

Serena is an artist that focuses her lyrics on personal experiences and the motions of life. I applaud her honesty and vulnerability as an artist, as well as the talent she has! She has a smooth voice that mixes great with the catchy rhythms of her songs.

For your next summer playlist, make sure to check out Serena Sun, and her new single “What You Wanted”! Connect with Serena Sun on social media as well.

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