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Shakey Graves Kicks Off Sweetwater Pavilion Summer Concert Series

Sweetwater’s Pavilion in Fort Wayne, Indiana kicked off their summer concert with blues, rock-and roll, and indie Texas native, Shakey Graves. Although his stage name is Shakey Graves, Alejandro Rose-Garcia began his music career in 2011 when he self-released his first album Roll The Bones, which led to him performing for patrons entering the Mumford and Sons ‘Railroad Revival Tour’ in 2011. Sweetwater hosts a series of concerts every summer ranging in all different areas of music. Although the day was a little rainy and cold, Shakey heated up the night with new and old music for all. Little did I know, Shakey Graves was actually an actor as well! He played roles in Friday Night Lights and Spy Kids 3.

Odie Leigh opened up the night with her band of kick-ass girls rocking the stage with her indie-pop songs. The Louisiana native had songs that got the crowd interacting and hyped for the night to continue. Shakey came out and played some solo music to kick off his set. With moody lighting and a fog covered stage, the show was on a roll. The rest of his band came on stage with a full ensemble to take it up a notch. Shakey’s crowd was full of every age and gender with smiles all around. I had never seen Shakey live, and the show was so much fun. Going into a show without a ton of knowledge is always an experience. I met some really cool fans and saw some familiar faces. What I gathered from the show is that his audience is one to admire. Kind, fun loving, and just there to have a good time. This is definitely a reflection of the energy Shakey brings!

Shakey’s tour continues throughout the United States and if you want to have a nice night out with very good music, make sure to grab a ticket to his show!

Odie Leigh

Shakey Graves

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