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Simpson: Socially Relevant New Music With “Summer” & “I Miss My Dawgs”

In mid-June, singer-songwriter Simpson released two new songs shortly following a new single, “Big Mistake”, in May. Before that the singer was on tour with artists like Crumb, Celeste, Superorganism, and Shabazz Palaces. Simpson broke out with her single “Switch Lanes” back in 2017. Since then she’s been putting out new music each year. Her two new singles “Summer” and “I Miss My Dawgs” follow her consistent chill indie and alternative vibe with hip-hop influence.

With a cool alternative guitar and a head boppin’ beat, “Summer” is the quintessential summer indie-song. Perfect for a long drive with the windows down or a social distance hangout in your backyard with some friends. Simpson brings summer back, even if it is being mostly spent inside.

Simpson’s experimental yet nostalgic tunes are sure to pull anyone in looking for that laid back quality contrasting with thoughtful lyrics. Begging to take another listen to the lyrics that are disguised by the playful sound. Her first single of June, “Summer” is the perfect chill summer jam, hence the title.

With lyrics beckoning us to question, “What does summer mean to us now that we can’t enjoy a lot of the things that the summer season calls for because of the pandemic?

To Simpson “summer is a person, summer is a place, summer is a thing, summer is a feeling.” Her song isn’t just a song about the season, it’s about having fun and staying in the moment.

As marked in “Summer” and her other tracks, Simpson is self aware yet doesn’t take her music too seriously. She writes earnest lyrics and funky beats with soothing yet slightly gritty vocals creating an overall chill vibe.

Listen to summer here:

Her sound is a bit different in her second single “I Miss My Dawgs”, a hip-hop inspired bedroom pop sound, a combo of Tierra Whack and Gus Dapperton. It’s filled with jazzy up-tempo bass that comes in hot in the songs intro, combined with a track to mellow you out while you’re socially distancing in your backyard. Lyrics longing for a life after the pandemic, to get outside and see people.

The single was originally written about being stuck inside at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to issues like police brutality and inequality being brought to the forefront, the lyrics take on a new meaning. Simpson sings, “I really miss my dawgs, When we going outside man, I wanna leave the yard…Feeling locked up but I’m feeling messed up…This ain’t no joke this ain’t no hoax.” Getting real with her audience, Simpson tells us how she feels about the social climate in the country.

Simpson is directing all streaming proceeds for the aforementioned single to a variety of campaigns in support of Black LGBTQIA+ people in the United States. With her conviction in her support of social justice issues and in her music the L.A. singer-songwriter is sure to gain popularity in the indie genre.

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