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Sleeping With Sirens & Dayseeker Bring The ‘Family Tree Tour’ To Fort Wayne

Sleeping With Sirens brought the ‘Family Tree Tour’ with M.A.G.S and Dayseeker to the Clyde Theatre in Fort Wayne, IN on May 27, 2023. With a nearly sold-out show, M.A.G.S came out and got the crowd excited for a night that would fill any punks heart. It’s always so fun to see the mix of people that go to shows like these. You have teenagers that really like their latest music and then the elder-emos with their kids and big headphones on. And everyone in between. It is such a wide variety of humans all under one roof to sing their hearts out and I just find that to be such a beautiful thing.

After M.A.G.S got the crowd warmed up, Dayseeker came out dressed to the tens in their all-black attire. This was my first time seeing Dayseeker and after a couple of songs in, an attendee passed out in the crowd and Rory (lead singer) stopped the song to make sure that the patron got to safety. I have so much respect for bands that keep their crowds safe. We live in a crazy world but knowing that the artists in front of you have your back means more than they know. Dayseeker’s set was full of raw emotions and killer vocals. They had a solid mix of upbeat and slower songs that set the tempo for Sleeping With Sirens just right.

When the lights go low for the final performance of the night, you can just feel the anticipation in the air. Maybe it is a mix of sweat and dehydration, but regardless, it is always so fun to feel that moment before the band runs out to put on a show for the books. Sleeping With Sirens played such a range of old and new songs that it was probably one of my favorite shows that I have been to of theirs. Starting their set off with “Tally It Up: Settle The Score” was a very iconic move. Then mixing it up with songs from How It Feels To Be Lost and Complete Collapse. It would not be a Sleeping With Sirens show without “If You Can’t Hang” which was performed during their encore. I can proudly say they get better every single time I get the chance to see them. If you have an opportunity to see one of the shows on this tour, I highly suggest grabbing a ticket and living your best punk life for a night. Make sure to follow all of the bands above to keep up on their latest releases and upcoming performances.


Sleeping With Sirens

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