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Snarls Releases New Track “Big Fish”: More Music And Live Shows On The Way

“‘Big Fish’ is a tribute to the simple subject of manifestation” – Chlo White from Snarls.

Photo by Sumner Howells

After finishing touring this summer throughout the U.S. and Canada with Louis Tomlinson (One Direction), the Columbus, Ohio based band released their brand new single “Big Fish” last month. The band will be releasing more music in 2024 along with playing shows with Briston Maroney.

When Chlo White, guitarist and singer from Snarls, started seeing how work could pay off, she stopped being afraid of her wishes coming true. So “Big Fish is a tribute to the simple subject of manifestation.” The song is a nostalgic coming-of-age ballad about deserved ambition. The melody sets the mood starting with a steady beat accompanied by strong guitars. Smooth vocals make the tune have a gloomy aura, but at the same time aims to be serene and joyful. Even though the band gives off energetic and chaotic vibes, the melody goes in a different direction. It is a soft indie rock tune with no aggressive percussion and an undisturbed rhythm. Think Boygenius, Great Grandpa, and Snail Mail.

The music video screams 90’s nostalgia because of its way of recording. A tour diary filmed with VHS tape recapped the best live moments the indie-rock band had while they were on tour opening for Louis Tomlinson this year.

“We have always believed in what we were doing, but after some pretty serious tours under our belt and traveling experience, I feel that we are on the path to something unimaginably cool,” expressed the lead singer. And they sure are! “Big Fish” is an ultimate devotional and emotional letter to the fears from the past and the aims for the future.

Snarls will embark once again on tour early next year with Briston Maroney starting on February 29 in Athens, Georgia, and making their way across the states until March 21, where they end in Portland, Oregon.

Be sure to listen to “Big Fish” today and catch them on tour next year!

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