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Song of the Spring: “Girl With Headphones” by Love You Later Review 

Love You Later – the solo project of Nashville-based singer and songwriter, Lexi Aviles – released their latest single, Girl With Headphones, on February 24. This song is the lead single from her upcoming EP From the Window Seat, which comes out May 5.

Photo by Sophia Matinazad

This song commands attention with its relaxed yet upbeat sound and lyrics that contradict the vibe. The sound brings the feeling that Aviles seems to be going for: like you’re the main character in a coming-of-age film.

With every listen, I find new things to like about “Girl With Headphones.” At first, it was an overall appreciation for the song – coming to the conclusion that I wouldn’t mind putting this song on my 2023 playlist. Then, it was the additional accents that were added, with my favorite being the synths right before each chorus (I thought it was a really nice touch).

After listening to this song about twenty times, my favorite part is the introduction lyrics:

Headphones on / Keep my composure / What I choke down / Is piling up / Dirty laundry / Empty cups

When asked about what the song is about, Aviles stated: “‘Girl With Headphones is about feeling out of place, like you’re the only one living in your world. Things were feeling very dim at the beginning of this year and it made me think about how when I was a kid I would feel like the main character in my own indie film, staring out the window of the passenger seat and romanticizing everything the world has to offer. There’s a true vulnerability and weight in this song as I pretty much admit I haven’t been feeling like myself lately. The song also comes with a sense of letting go and realizing maybe that’s what’s stopping me from being truly happy. ‘Girl With Headphones’ is about me, the main character, experiencing what it feels like to grow, let go, embrace the unknown, move on, and return to myself. It’s a cathartic rollercoaster.”

“Girl With Headphones” has made me so excited to hear the rest of From the Window Seat when it releases. Click the link here to listen.

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