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Star Funeral Debuts First Record “In The Dark”

Hailing out of Long Island, New York, Star Funeral is solely comprised of Nikki Esposito. Urged in 2020 by close friends to put music out, Nikki created In The Dark. A blend of emo, shoegaze, and indie rock, this debut album (released via Count Your Star Lucky Records) is wonderfully crafted by Nikki on all instruments and vocals, with Ethan Kreidemaker’s studio percussion rounding out the sound.

Photo by Marissa Cacioppo

With beautifully tragic-sounding instrumentals, and lyrics that dive deep into a range of feelings everyone has experienced a time or two, Star Funeral has released an excellent debut record.

In the opener, “Breather”, the line, “What’s the point of feeling comfortable when life dissolves so quickly?” explores how life always seems so fleeting and no moment lasts forever.

“Outgrow” describes how some friendships are meant to last forever, and how dealing with closure when none is given in lost friendships is just a part of life. No matter how unsettling the feeling is.

“Trapped in a body with nowhere else to go.” is the opening line to the track “Mouth Bleeder.” This song was written to explore the murmurs of body dysmorphia trailing behind the double-jaw surgery that Nikki had. The lyrics in this song will definitely hit home for people, as so many deal with some form of body dysmorphia. Feeling trapped within one’s self can be a crippling feeling, this song depicts that experience clearly.

Nikki has produced an album that displays raw honesty, genuine experiences, and hypnotic sounds that are always capturing you in the essence of how she feels.

The album and music videos for songs: “Alone” “In The Dark” & “Solitary” are out now!

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