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STMNTS Making Pop-Punk Alive Again With Debut EP ‘Tendencies’

Baltimore, Maryland pop-punk band STMNTS (pronounced Statements) released their five song debut EP Tendencies on September 22. My ears did a happy dance jamming to it. I thoroughly enjoyed the upbeat yet personal vibe the band went for.

Made up of vocalist Liam King, rhythm guitarist Jamie Black, lead guitarist Drew Chiodo, bassist Josh Pelc, and drummer Shawn Smyth, the group formed in 2022. They attribute their sound to bands like Four Year Strong and Bayside.

Strictly by sound, these songs are crystal clear, Liam has some serious pipes, and the tracks are clean with no lapse in production or thoroughness. They have amassed a group of tracks that pay homage to pop punk acts of years prior, while maintaining an original sound. The opening track, “I Don’t Even Want to Be Here Anymore,” has strumming melody at the start before the drums and vocals come crashing in like a wave. I dig the rhythm as well; it’s going up a mountain trail, with its intricate dips from a sped up tune to slight pauses.

The title track, “Tendencies,” reads to me like a reminder to one’s self to give yourself a chance to climb out of that hole, while acknowledging that you’ve dug yourself into one in the first place. “Meantime” has cattiness and a mellow tune. “Handprint” featuring Patrick Williams is my personal favorite. It gives a catchy hook, a tiny bit of drama, and that hint of “bite” in the vocals at 1:34 are spot on.

You can watch the music video for “Tendencies” below. STMNTS did something pretty neat with idea behind the video; it’s showing that you can make mistakes, but still go through life and have fun with it. The bloops at the end definitely are worth the view!

This release should definitely be on your radar. Between the poppy tunes, searing riffs and meaningful yet palpable lyrics, I am excited to see just how far these gents can go.

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