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Sweet Pills Plays Sold Out Show In Brooklyn

Their first headlining tour, second to last show of the tour, and a sold out Music Hall of Williamsburg show on a practically sold out tour, Philly’s own, Sweet Pill (and Jayce from New Jersey) have been killing it and taking the United States by storm.

The night opened up with Taking Meds, who set the vibe and had a very enjoyable set, with notably, the front man having a banter back and forth with some of his friends in the crowd from when he resided in the New York area.

Next up was Equipment from Ohio and the crowd really loved them. Earlier into their set, someone in the front was using their Nintendo DS to film some of the set and one of the members in Equipment grabbed their own DS to take a photo with the audience. A very funny moment, and got a good giggle out of myself and the rest of the crowd.

Finally, it was time for Sweet Pill, and damn, I know I’ve seen them over 30 times, but they get better and better every time. Sweet Pill’s lead vocalist, Zayna, is electric on stage, along with an energy that is unmatched, and the crowd was eating it up. Overall it was a great night and I could tell everyone in that room was having the best time!

Taking Meds


Sweet Pill

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