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The Aquadolls Charms Fans with New Song “Sneaky”

On March 3, Los Angeles based band The Aquadolls released “Sneaky,” the second single off their upcoming album Charmed (release date to be announced). This comes after the band’s last single, “Beachy.”

Photo by Jenna Houchin

The band’s current lineup includes Melissa Brooks (vocals/guitar), Jacqueline Proctor (drums), and Keilah Nina (bassist), who have been playing together since 2018 — though The Aquadolls have been around since 2012. It wasn’t until Proctor and Nina joined Brooks that she felt the band had hit their sweet spot.

“Sneaky” laments the “new normal” of love in the modern age as it captures the uncertainties of a new relationship. The song gets its point across with its all-consuming question of “Am I just your late night sneaky link?,” depicting the insecurities and self-doubt that often accompany situationships. Leaning into these emotions, The Aquadolls create the antithesis of the All-American Rejects’ “Dirty Little Secret” as “Sneaky” depicts the other, not so joyful, side of the story. Nina describes the song as “when you’re stuck in a state of wondering if they feel the same way, or if you’re just wasting time fantasizing about what could be.”

Produced by Chris Szczech (the Goo Goo Dolls), “Sneaky” is a guitar-driven song, but that’s what is to be expected out of a band known for their reverb-drenched sound. If “Beachy” and “Sneaky” are any indication of what their third studio album will sound like, then Charmed promises to be an album full of growth both in music and in self-love/positivity.

The band also released a music video for the single. Directed by Jenna Houchin, the video is a combination of performance footage, smashed cakes, and even a dollhouse — the latter of which contains references to Joan Jett, Veruca Salt, and Sublime. But above all, the music video depicts the beautiful friendship the trio of musicians share, bonded by common experiences of heartbreak.

Watch the music video for “Sneaky” below.

The group also surprised fans with an announcement of their “Spring Fling” tour. This coast to coast tour begins at the end of April and goes on until the beginning of June. A list of the dates can be found on the band’s website and “Sneaky” can now be streamed wherever you listen to music.

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