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The Benefits of DIY Music Making: an Interview With Gutter King

Canadian metalcore powerhouse Gutter King recently released their newest single “Bloodrush,” a feral, genre-bending track that easily bridges opposing worlds. Utilizing deeply guttural vocals paired with New Wave synth creates a sound that should not work, yet Gutter King pulls off with ease. Gutter King takes a big swing with their latest single, building a bridge between traditional metalcore and futuristic pop to create something that successfully sets the band in a class of its own.

The group, consisting of Bertie Heatlie (vocals), Seth Shimp (guitar/vocals), Alan Bremner (guitar), and Grant Gorieu (drums), are operating in the wake of their 2020 release “Feather,” which saw the group ready to step into a lane they’ve created for themselves. 

In a press release issued prior to the release of “Bloodrush,” the band shares, “Life can’t be defined simply in terms of good or bad, but rather, it’s a complicated mix of both and everything in between. ‘Bloodrush’ is a reminder that to live is to embrace every part of life, even if it hurts.” Gutter King then says “We hope that listeners hear ‘Bloodrush’ and take it as a reminder to live life on their own terms. It’s easy to become lost in your day-to-day and forget about the things that excite you.” 

Showcasing Gutter King’s commitment to the DIY aspect of creating art, the music video for their new single was shot and edited entirely by guitarist Alan Bremner and drummer Grant

Gorieu. In a press release issued prior to the video, Bremner shares: “When it was my turn to be in-frame, I had to give Grant a crash course in how to operate my camera and he basically had to learn on the fly.” The “Bloodrush” video greets audiences with sci-fi tropes and uniquely early-2000s cutscenes, giving fans a uniquely Matrix visual to pair with the hard-hitting new song. 

I was lucky enough to speak with Gutter King on the release of their new song and video:

Can you talk about the experience of making the music video for “Bloodrush”? 

We turned Alan’s garage into a dark set for the video shoot. We went full DIY and painted the walls black, and rigged lighting to the ceiling. Every aspect of the video was done by us, which led to a fun but challenging experience. 

What were some of your influences behind this video? Any specific films you were trying to emulate in production?

“Bloodrush” is our spin on simulation theory. So naturally, we were heavily inspired by movies like The Repomen and Surrogates. The Matrix also influenced our selection of clothing, editing, and general style of the music video. Overall, “Bloodrush” was our attempt of mixing our story concept with experimental, gritty, and futuristic visuals. 

Can you talk about your writing process for the song itself? 

In the past, we’ve generally written songs from the heart. So we’ve created a lot of music about our own experiences. “Bloodrush” is different in that we wanted to start by writing a story about a dystopian future in which an advanced AI uses a simulation program to recreate the human experience. From there, we worked backward and wrote lyrics based on this story. Instrumentally, “Bloodrush” started with the electronic beat that’s featured in the verses. The song stayed like that for a long time because we weren’t sure where to take it. That is until one day it all clicked, and came together relatively fast. 

What drew you guys to the DIY style in your music? 

It started out of necessity. When we started the band we were broke and couldn’t afford to hire anyone to record, take photos, or shoot videos of us so we had to learn how to do it ourselves. Years later and we’ve become pretty self-sufficient with how Gutter King operates, but now we lean towards DIY because we want to, and not just because we’re too broke (we’re still broke though lol). 

How does “Bloodrush” stand out against your other music? 

“Bloodrush” is our first song to incorporate electronic elements to this degree. We wanted to experiment with a darker tone and expand Gutter King’s sound beyond our comfort zone. We strive to be a band that isn’t defined by our previous material and can give ourselves the license to bounce between genres, and “Bloodrush” is the first step in that direction. 

What’s next for Gutter King? 

Music. Lots more music. We have more songs that are ready to go, and plenty more being cooked up. We’re also planning some shows across Canada this year that we are super stoked to play. Before releasing “Bloodrush” we had been a bit stagnant, but there is absolutely no stopping us now. 

“Bloodrush” is available for streaming now! Check out the “Bloodrush” video:

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