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The Driver Era Visits Colorado On December 11, 2021

On December 11th the Driver Era played a show in Denver, Colorado at the Gothic Theatre. The Driver Era was met with the Wrecks and Moontower for the long awaited ‘Girlfriend’ tour that was initially scheduled spring 2020. This was The Driver Era’s hometown show, and they truly did not disappoint their Colorado fans. Among their dynamic performance they sang “Sweet Home Colorado” a lively rendition of Sweet Home Alabama. Singer Ross Lynch also donned a Broncos t-shirt during the encore, which was a special touch as Broncos former wide reciever Demaryius Thomas died only 2 days prior to this show.

This was an incredible show with an energetic lineup. The Wrecks filled the crowd with an explosive performance, and are definitely a must-see band with just how fun their set was. They have visited Colorado multiple times this past year, and fans couldn’t wait to see them again.

Moontower has previously joined The Driver Era on their first tour that started in Denver, coming full circle with their performance this night as Moontower’s last show of 2021. Moontower alluded to an upcoming tour sometime in 2022, and a headline show is scheduled for January 26th, 2022 at Brick & Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco.


The Wrecks

The Driver Era

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