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The Gaslight Anthem Perform With Tigers Jaw In Minneapolis, MN

The Fillmore was a sea of plaid shirts and gauges on the Saturday night of September 24, as Minnesota rockers gathered to see The Gaslight Anthem. The venue was packed for the sold-out show and the energy was buzzing by the time Tigers’ Jaw took the stage to open the night. Tigers’ Jaw, a self-proclaimed “real cool band” from Scranton, PA proved that they earned that moniker during their set. It didn’t take long for the four-piece to win over the crowd. The audience excitedly sang and danced along throughout the night, but went especially wild over hits such as “Everlong” and “Plane vs Tank vs Submarine”. Lead vocalists Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins shared the mic with drummer Teddy Roberts. Tigers’ Jaw’s upcoming EP Old Clothes will be released on October 28 of this year.

Saturday’s show was The Gaslight Anthem’s first time back in Minneapolis after a seven-year hiatus, and the city was more than ready to receive them. The band immediately launched into “Have Mercy”, followed by “Old White Lincoln” much to the audience’s joy.

Lead vocalist Brian Fallon was generous with his voice that night. Despite the fact that he’d lost it a few days prior, he constantly exchanged entertaining anecdotes and witty banter with the crowd and his bandmates throughout their set. The audience was grateful for these glimpses into his personal life, and hung on to his every word as he talked about his love for drawn out guitar solos. They especially appreciated when Fallon refused to call Minneapolis part of the Midwest, saying “you’re more of an East Coast city. Because you have winter and feelings”. Even though Fallon’s voice was still on the mend, it had an extra layer of grit which suited each song well.

The Gaslight Anthem played hits spanning their five-album career, such as “American Slang” and “Miles Davis and the Cool”. Despite having “no encore because those suck”, they ended with breakthrough hit “the 59 Sound”.

Fans will be pleased to hear that they are in the process of making new music.

Tigers Jaw

The Gaslight Anthem

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