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The Marías, Ogi, and Evann McIntosh Perform on February 17 at Brooklyn Steel

The Marías are an indie pop band from Los Angeles, California. In June 2021, they released the thirteen track album “Cinema.” On February 17, 2022 The Marías were joined by Ogi and Evann McIntosh for a sold out performance at the Brooklyn Steel, in support of the June album.

For the entirety of the show the openers and The Marías were very attentive to their crowds well being. They stopped multiple times to hand out water to everyone who needed it. I even helped opener Evann McIntosh hand her own bottle to a fan that was screaming for water.

Of all my years of going to concerts to this caliber I have never seen the performers be this careful and conscious of their fans well being. I’m very glad that this is the direction the live entertainment industry is heading! It creates a safe but fun environment at these shows which is what was lacking when I was younger.

The Marías will continue their United States 2022 through March 13, where they end the tour in their hometown of Los Angeles. For more information, head to their website here:

Evann McIntosh


The Marías

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