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The Moss & The Hails Perform At Minneapolis’ 7th Street Entry On May 18

Salt Lake City indie band, The Moss, began their summer touring rounds on May 18 at Minneapolis’ 7th Street Entry. The Hails began the evening with a lively set.

At one point, the lead singer of The Hails, Robbie Kingsley, encouraged the crowd to get down low and with the next bass drop, the entire crowd was in the air clapping their hands alongside Robbie and the rest of the band. Fans laughed, sang, and even requested songs. It’s safe to say that the Florida-based band already has a pretty loyal fanbase in Minneapolis. Opening for The Moss is the end of a string of opening runs that they’ve done this month alongside The Happy Fits and The Beaches. I am sure that they have attracted many new listeners with their high energy performances! Last week, they released a new song in collaboration with the popular Magic City Hippies. Titled, “Fiona”, the single delivers an addictive psychedelic indie sound that is hard to take off of repeat. If you did not get a chance to catch any dates this month, rumor has it the band has a busy year ahead of them, so I am sure with a little patience, you can catch their wonderful sound near you!

The Moss, composed of Tyke James, Addison Sharp, Willie Fowler, and Brierton Sharp, have been up-and-coming on the Indie scene this past year. With a growing Tiktok platform and several first-time appearances at major festivals such as Kilby Block Party and Bonnaroo, they are finally gaining some traction since their formation back in 2015. I have been listening to them for several years, but had yet to catch a show, and now I can see why anyone who sees them live is instantly a fan.

Electricity filled the room as they began their set with “Secretariat”, a song off of their 2021 full-length album, Kentucky Derby. Fans screamed the words back at Tyke and he bounced around the stage only pausing to sing into the mic. Their set was short, but sweet, filled with songs from releases old and new and a whole lot of energy. The crowd screamed as Tyke jumped on top of speakers, ran across the stage, and even made his way into the middle of the audience at one point. By the end, it was clear that The Moss knows how to put on a show. This tour is the second of their runs this year following the release of their EP, Insomnia, back in January. They still have one more big set of dates this fall if you want to catch this incredible crew at a show near you!

The Hails

The Moss

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