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Tia Gostelow Releases Passionate New Song, “Always”

Tia Gostelow smashes it out of the park with her latest release “Always” which features fellow Australian artist Holy Holy. This track which was released on the 24th of July is a passionate mix of a punchy rhythm, a synth lead and angelic vocals that is sure to catch your ear from the first note. “Always” is a follow up single from “Psycho” and “Rush” which were released earlier this year.

Tia is giving us a little taste of what’s to come on her next album with this new sound of indie pop which is varied with a lot of synth. This is a different sound from her previous album that showed us a more mellow, alternative side of the artist.

As soon as the striking chorus hits and we get to hear Tia’s angelic vocals against the groovy synth along with the great vocals of Tim Carrol from Holy Holy, we realise it’s certainly the collaboration we needed. The pairs vocals mesh well together to form a ethereal sound that makes me fall in love with the track more and more every time I listen to it.

It’s not just the vocals that make this song so great, it’s the way that they are backed by a strong rhythm of drums and bass and a groovy electro lead that creates a perfect indie pop sound.

If this is just a sample of what’s the come from Tia Gostelow, then we have a lot to be excited for as she’s not just great at writing mellow alternative music but she also is admired for writing engaging indie pop tracks that’s will have listeners falling in love with her music all over again.

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