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Towa Bird Embarks On A New Chapter In Her Music Journey

Multitalented Towa Bird is heading out on the ‘Snow Hard Feelings Tour’ with Reneé Rapp and Alexander 23 this fall.

The artist rose to popularity across social media a few years back from her guitar covers which showcased her raw talent. Now she has stepped beyond the scopes of the internet by focusing on her own songwriting and defining her place in the music scene. So far she has released three singles off of her upcoming debut album ‘American Hero’ which has given us a glimpse to what the full project will encompass. We got to chat and learn more about the musician at her conference with °1824.

Towa Bird has become synonymous with her guitar. The musician found her love for the instrument through the classic rock music that her father showcased. That ultimately led her to pick up the dusty guitar that sat in her living room when she was just a child. Since then she has had a love/hate bond with it, noting that she even stopped playing for four years. “It is just that, it is like a relationship. You have to put in the hours and you have to put in the time or else it is not going to serve either of you. It is a lifelong relationship.” Her recent songs use the guitar not only to highlight her music influences, but also as an extension of herself. Vocally the tracks are soft and tender so the instrument brings in a rugged layer to fully embody Towa’s defining character traits.

The latest single “This Isn’t Me” was written based on the singer’s experience at Paris Fashion Week. Examining her place in the entertainment world, the song touches on the feeling of loneliness as a result of being surrounded by people who don’t have the purest intentions. She told us that although she was grateful for the opportunity to have gone to the event, she did feel incredibly isolated during it. In some ways it was a blessing in disguise because when she got back to the recording studio from Paris, she was able to pour her unfiltered emotions onto a page which became this song. Now it’s Towa’s favorite track, especially to play at shows. She said that “Being able to do the arrangement live for it and put it on the stage was the reason why I wanted to put it out so bad.”

Another song that was released earlier this year is “Wild Heart,” which has quickly become a fan favorite due to its upbeat tempo and lively guitar solo. She explained to the press that “‘Wild Heart” was about the way I used to navigate romantic relationships. I used to not respect my partners as much as I do now. And it’s kind of about emotional growth and learning how to respect myself and how to respect other people.” Authenticity is the ingredient that makes Towa Bird’s music so likable. She is not afraid to speak her truth even if it doesn’t always shine the brightest light on her actions. Her goal is to touch on the human experience; the good, bad, and everything in between. Staying true to herself, Towa Bird also openly bares her queer identity in her craft which is especially evident in the music video for “Wild Heart.” When asked about what role her sexuality and identity play in her songwriting Towa said:

“I think it is such a beautiful form of expression to be able to songwrite. To create and draw from real life stories and life experiences and then to make that into a piece of art. I think that is a high form of privilege for me to be able to have. It really solidifies feelings when I.. because when I experience something, to be able to write it into a song really helps to create my mindset around that experience and sort of helps for me to put a lens over what actually happened and be able to introspect and reflect upon it. So like through songwriting it is a wonderful way to learn about yourself and learn how you respond and learn how you feel.”

Something that adds to the visuals of these projects is Towa Bird’s distinctive sense of fashion. In the “Boomerang” video she wears a turquoise sequined suit that features flared bottoms. “Wild Heart” goes a step further by having Towa in an Elvis style glam jumpsuit (another homage to her roots). You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the androgynous style that the singer has acquired pairs perfectly with the rock n roll aesthetic of her songs. That was intentional on Towa Bird’s part because she views music and fashion in a similar manner:

“I think it’s another medium of expression. Like just as important as music and guitar and lyricism. I think fashion and the way I decorate myself whether that be like through tattoos or like through jewelry or through outfits is just another way for me to be the truest form of myself. It also makes me feel so confident and cool and that’s such a wonderful thing to tap into.”

We are so excited for American Hero to be released, especially because Towa herself described it as “gay, fun, and vulnerable,” which seems to be incredibly accurate based on what we have seen so far. This album will inevitably inspire listeners to embrace who they are (flaws and all) and work towards who they dream to be. If you want to see Towa Bird live, make sure to grab your tickets to the ‘Snow Hard Feelings Tour’ (multiple dates are selling out fast!).

For more information, visit Towa’s website here.

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