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Troubled Minds Release New Single “Like I Used to Be”

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about “the good ol’ days?” A time in your life that you took for granted, or perhaps your dreams weren’t stolen away by capitalism yet?

Punk band Troubled Minds is here to remind everyone that not all dreams have to die.

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Troubled Minds is the quintessential emo punk band, complete with fast, yet captivating riffs and the treasured “gang vocals” heard throughout various songs, that often pop up in this genre of music. Their latest single, “Like I Used to Be,” dropped today, Friday, March 18, on all streaming platforms.

If you’re in the Mesa, Arizona area, today also marks the day that Troubled Minds will be playing this track and many others at The Nile Theatre as they open up for the “Thoughtz and Prayerz” tour with Heart Attack Man, Arms Length, Covey and Blood Root.

Photo by Michael Carter

Singer and songwriter, Matt Aldawood, revisits his past throughout the song, wondering when his life became distant from pursing his passions. “The song is about getting caught up in the business of life and putting your passions on hold,” he explains.

The sad reality is that it’s rare to be able to support one’s self by following their dreams or passions, especially in the music industry. Bills have to get paid, responsibilities pile up and next thing you know — you’re going through the motions, not even able to pick up an old pastime or embrace the nostalgia. It all becomes a distant memory.

The opening riff of “Like I Used to Be” hypnotizes you with an enticing melody, that evolves into a commanding punk anthem. The vocals are heartfelt and passionate, with an underlying tone of frustration, due to reminiscing about the past and getting lost in the monotonous routine of life. It doesn’t seem like Aldawood and Troubled Minds will be putting their dreams on hold any longer.

The much anticipated music video for “Like I Used to Be” will be released next week on March 25th.

Keep in touch with Trouble Minds here.

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