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Twenty One Pilots Brings ‘The Icy Tour’ To Washington, D.C. With Opener Peter McPoland

On September 3, 2022 ‘The Icy Tour’ featuring Twenty One Pilots and Peter McPoland visited the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. and I was there to attend!

Peter McPoland opened up the show with his hit “Shit Show” and even mentioned it was the one year anniversary of that song. Peter didn’t stand still for a single second during his set and ran and jumped around stage the entire time. He was full of life and energy and was having a great time. The fans in the front row of the barricade were undoubtedly enjoying his set as well.

Twenty One Pilots is very well known for their insane stage presence so I was trying to be ready for anything. Of course, since this is ‘The Icy Tour’, they opened their set with fake snow falling from the ceiling and raining on the crowd. Yes, this fake snow was stuck to me for the rest of the night.

The crowd was ready for the show and you could tell they had been waiting for the moment Twenty One Pilots arrived on stage. They started off their set with their song “Good Day” which led into their next song on the setlist “No Chances.” Of course, as “No Chances” ended, Tyler lept off stage and down below onto a crash pad and the audience went wild. Tyler is known for his fantastical stunts on their tours throughout the years.

Next up was a classic: “Guns for Hands.” Everyone was ready to sing the lyrics back at the band. Each song had an accompanying show of lights and visuals on the screens that matched so well and everyone was impressed. Overall, I’m always impressed with the stage presence that Twenty One Pilots obviously takes an immense amount of time to curate. Their fans are always having a great time and definitely appreciate the amount of work that goes into making an arena show like this possible night after night.

Peter McPoland

Twenty One Pilots

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