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Vance Joy Closes Out His Tour in Washington, D.C. With Jack Botts

Vance Joy brought his In Our Own Sweet Time tour to a close at The Anthem in Washington, D.C. late last month. The crowd ranged from younger to middle aged adults; there was a place for everyone in the crowd. Everyone was thoroughly excited for this sold out and anticipated show!  
Opener Jack Botts got everyone started for the night with his guitar and lovely voice. His lyrics and songs were well received by the crowd — everyone in the front row that I could see was having a blast! 
When Vance Joy came on stage, his enthusiasm and stage presence lit up the room. The stage design was impeccable with tiered and textured fabric that was captivating when illuminated by the stage lights. 
If I could use one word to describe the final show of this tour it would be happy. The crowd, every instrumentalist on the stage, and Vance Joy himself, seemed elated to be in a room with the audience and doing what they love. 
The night was a clear success! 

Jack Botts

Vance Joy

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