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Yam Haus and Blue October Visit New Orleans on October 28, 2021

For a band that jokes about being named after a potato, Yam Haus delivers an incredible show. The alternative pop band is currently opening for Blue October on their tour through early December. Even though the Blue October fans expected a rock show, Yam Haus’ electric nuances impressed the crowd.

Yam Haus is dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for their fans. Although they’re known to make a potato joke here and there, the ‘Yam’ in Yam Haus actually stands for “You are me.” Their support for each other and their fans is at the forefront of what they stand for, their music comes second to creating a fan culture that is for anyone and everyone.

Although Yam Haus and Blue October make fairly different types of music, the two bands together pack a hard punch in one show. Fans of Blue October seemed to thoroughly enjoy the new sound that Yam Haus has to offer. This tour with Blue October is Yam Haus’ longest tour yet. The remaining tour dates will hit Texas through Seattle and then make its way down the West Coast. This tour offers an incredible opportunity to hear some new music as well as some that may already be familiar. For more information for Yam Haus and Blue October’s, visit the website here:

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