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Review: Yellow Days Releases New EP “Apple Pie”

Every now and then, a certain voice can stop you completely in your tracks, cause you to forget where you are, as well as the path that led you there. Time stops for a brief moment. A certain voice can grab hold of your soul, only grasping tighter with each melody that plays through the next scene of your life, pulling you into a deep daydream, where the only answer that seems to exist is to just keep listening.

Have you felt this way before? Its okay if you haven’t been there yet — because after you check out Yellow Days’ new EP “Apple Pie,” you just might live to tell the tale.

“Yellow Days” is London based artist George van den Broek, who is the mastermind behind not only most of the vocals, but all of the instruments too. Having received his first guitar at age 11, Van den Broek has taken the time to really hone in on what he wants his style of music to be. It’s a dreamy and soulful vibe, that reflects some of his influences. Ray Charles and Mac DeMarco —just to name a few — and that’s honestly the perfect description of his sound.

His vocals are captivating and overpowering of the music at times, in the most transformative way possible. The progression of each song to the next makes for a hypnotizing journey. It is quite possible to be in a trance like state by the end of a song.

“Apple Pie is a story of pleasure and indulgence, talking of sex, emotional dependence, mental health and substance abuse,” explains Van den Broek. Throughout the the five track EP, it’s apparent that too much of anything is never a good thing. Finding balance proves to be difficult, especially while trying to navigate through relationships.

The opening track, “Panic Attacks,” immediately lures you in with a steady, funky baseline and the distant sounds of a synth looming in the background. Not to mention the electrifying guitar solo that hurts at the perfect midway point — brace yourself. This segways into, “What We Have,” which is reminiscent of the famous last words heard during one last feeble attempt to save whatever is left of a relationship. “Its so wonderful. Darling, it’d be such a shame. Don’t forget what we have.” Its like I’m reliving past trauma with an ex — but actually enjoying it because of this song.

The rest of the EP is just as soulful and emotionally raw. It dived into making love, creating memories with a past or future lover and just how easy things can turn negative when you least expect it.

It’s hard to believe that Van den Broek is only in his early 20s, through the ways in which he tells a story through his music. It’s playful and intriguing in all of the ways.

“Apple Pie” is available now on all streaming platforms. Yellow Days has a few upcoming shows throughout Europe to finish up the summer circuit.

And remember, whether its watermelon sugar, birthday cake, strawberry bubblegum or passion fruit —watch your sweet tooth.

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