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Your New Favorite Band: senses Talk Sensational Debut EP, Tour & More

California’s pop-rock scene just got a jolt of energy with the debut EP take me out of here by the sensational trio, senses. Comprising the charismatic vocalist, Madison, and the musical backbone of Josh and Nick, this EP is an exhilarating whirlwind of emotions that’ll make you want to hit the repeat button again and again.

Senses performing on September 19 by Shelby Grayson

The EP kicks off with a bang on their standout hit, “sleepwalking.” This song is a masterpiece, capturing the feeling of drifting through life on autopilot. Madison’s lyrics are introspective and thought-provoking, making you question whether you’re truly living or merely going through the motions. It’s a song that strikes a chord with anyone who’s ever felt stuck in a rut, and it’s an anthem of self-discovery.

Next is “gonna make sure,” a lively track that grabs your attention from the first chord. Madison’s vocals are both powerful and relatable as she navigates the tricky waters of post-breakup emotions. It’s the perfect anthem for anyone who’s ever tried to take the high road after a breakup but ended up venting a little too passionately in their car. Madison’s fiery vocals set the stage for an emotional rollercoaster, and you can’t help but sing along with every ounce of your being. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to turn up the volume and declare your independence.

“novocain” slows things down but amps up the feels. It’s a song about missing someone to the point where you want to drown out their memory, and the emotion in Madison’s voice makes you feel every bit of that longing. This track proves that senses can tug at your heartstrings just as easily as they can make you dance.

“one last time” lets Madison’s voice shine even brighter against a backdrop of heartfelt melodies. It’s a song that drips with nostalgia and longing, making it the perfect soundtrack for those moments of reflection and introspection. Madison’s vocals have a way of tugging at your heartstrings, leaving you utterly captivated and you’ll find yourself transported to your own bittersweet memories while listening.

Then there’s “can’t find the words,” the final track that serves as a poignant closing statement. Madison’s voice is hauntingly beautiful here, conveying emotions that words alone can’t capture. It’s the kind of song that stays with you, lingering in your thoughts long after the music has stopped.

In conclusion, “take me out of here” is a stellar debut EP from senses, proving that they’re a pop-rock force to be reckoned with. Madison’s magnetic vocals, combined with Josh and Nick’s musical prowess, create a journey filled with emotion, introspection, and sheer fun. Whether you’re belting out “gonna make sure” or getting lost in the contemplative beauty of “can’t find the words,” this EP is a must-listen.

And hey, if you want the full experience, catch senses on tour this fall; they’re supporting some fantastic artists and are bound to put on a show you won’t want to miss. senses has arrived, and their future in music looks incredibly promising. This EP offers something for every music lover. Dive into the world of Senses-your ears will thank you.

Continue reading to see some photos from a recent performance they had on September 19 & my lovely conversation I had with them.

So for a little background, how did you guys come to be senses? And also, what’s the meaning behind the name?

Madison (M): Well, we came to be senses via Craigslist. So that’s our origin story, not a very long one. We came to be senses by throwing around a lot of names. I don’t remember who threw out senses. But we thought it was really cool.

Nick (N): It was me I think? Yeah that sounds right.

Your musical style is very pop with elements of rock, who are your musical influences that help shape the music you guys make?

Josh (J): Blink 182 and N’Sync.

N: Evanescence and Kid Cudi.

M: No Doubt, Fleetwood Mac, and Paramore.

Your EP “take me out of here” dropped about a week ago, how has the reception been from your supporters and what do you want your listeners to take away from this project?

N: The reception to the EP has been really good! There’s the new track, “can’t find the words” that fans seem to love. It’s more of a ballad and a different way to end the EP, but I think it’s been really great.

M: I think what we want people to take away is the whole EP in itself is about escapism, feeling like you want to escape whatever situation you’re in. They all kind of touch on different subjects of that matter. So if you can then listen to the songs and feel like you can escape for a couple of minutes, then that’s awesome to us.

You mentioned the newest track included on the EP, “can’t find the words” could you tell me a little about that track in particular and the meaning behind it?

J: It’s worth noting that this is my favorite song on the EP!

M: It kind of just came together so fast and we didn’t really plan on finishing the EP when we did. We thought it was going to take us until the end of the year to finish. But we finished both “one last time” and “can’t find the words” in the last week of January this year. It honestly just fell out of me. We had a really cool guitar part, it took like maybe a matter of 2 hours to write which is pretty fast. I really connected with it and I felt super inspired that day. Sometimes I feel like we’re all just stuck in our head sometimes and you just can’t say the right thing, you know what I mean?

5. So you guys mentioned in a previous interview that the writing process for this EP was more collaborative, do you guys like this style better or do you see your writing process evolving into something different for each project?

N: I like it! I like how all 3 of us can just get into a room one day and start jamming and collabing. Maddy always comes up with ideas and lyrics and melodies. She’s a melody machine, we usually just start there and we’ll say something down.

M: Even though with this EP it was a very collaborative approach. It doesn’t mean that I’m not always writing stuff on my own, that process for me doesn’t stop. If I’ve got that one thing that I feel very strongly about, I will always bring those to the guys. But I think no Avenue of writing a song is outlawed by us. Anyway, it gets done, we want to do it. Whether I have an idea or they have an idea, we’re still just floating along in that sense.

J: Like maybe one way gets stale or you hit a roadblock. You can just switch it up and get re-inspired in a different way.

I feel like writing and just having to be in that creative headspace can be kinda tiring sometimes. What are some fun things you guys like to do to wind down and relax when you’re not writing and making music? Any tv shows you guys like watching, movies, some hobbies, what do you do in your spare time?

All 3: WINE! Red wine during the winter and white wine during the summer. Rose always!

J: Just been watching a lot of F1 races and keeping up-to-date, so I’m very thankful for that.

M: I love anything outside. Any type of water sport, such as wave boarding, surfing, swimming, things like that. I love to be in nature. I’m sad that summer’s ending, but that means snowboarding season!

So I know your tour started for you guys about a week ago. How is tour life going? Has anything interesting happened yet, or are you looking forward to anything?

M: I can tell you what we’re not looking forward to, driving from Portland, Oregon to Boston in one stent. We are excited though, we have a week to do it, we have so much time so honestly it’s a road trip! In all seriousness, we love getting to do this. Tour has been great. We’ve had a couple days off already so we’ve had some writing sessions which we didn’t get to do last tour. So it’s exciting to be able to be creative and to be sharing our music with our fans.

What’s been your favorite song to play live so far?

J: We have this unreleased song that we’ve been playing live on this tour. It’s been super fun. And also “one last time,” there’s always so much high energy and it’s so much fun for us to play too.

N: Mine is “gonna make sure.”

M: Honestly, I would say the same because currently, that’s the song that we come out to and it’s so high energy. We can kind of gauge the audience and get the vibe of the crowd right away.

So you guys are just getting started as a band, but do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

M: Comparison is the thief of joy. Don’t compare yourself to other musicians. You don’t know where they are in their careers. And I have to tell myself that every single day.

J: If you absolutely love what you’re doing, you’ll live through the lows so you can see the highs. And if you’re doing it for any other reason, it’s going to be a very, very long journey.

J: Mine would be to be stubborn but in a healthy way. If you want it bad enough just do it, it’s hard to fall back on plan B if there’s only plan A.

What have been some highlights for you guys as a band since you’ve started?

M: I mean, this is a highlight to me, just touring! Reaching new fans. Every show I ask if there’s people who’ve seen us before and we don’t get a lot of hands in the air. But that’s what I want because it’s that many more people that we’re showing our music to for the first time. It gets me super excited.

N: A fun little secret we have is that we may or may not have written a song for a Toyota commercial once. It was like a jingle, it’s totally us, but we didn’t put it out as senses. We did a song for the winter Olympics. Look up Toyota winter Olympics and it’s somewhere online.

J: I think it never gets any less cool to see our name on one of those editorial Spotify playlists. It’s the ones that we listen to all the time and to just see our name next to people we’ve listened to all our life growing up, it’s super surreal.

If you had to describe your band in 3 words, what would it be?

M: It’s not 3 words but Punk curious, we’ve coined that phrase.

N: I’m gonna say lightning bolt!

Any other cool projects we can look forward to in the upcoming months or new year?

N: We’re maybe putting something out in October, hopefully.

M: It’s hard to do a lot when you’re driving around the country. But we’re trying to tie up some loose ends. So we’re aiming for October. Then we’re just gonna be getting more songs done!

A little fun question to end things, what’s a song that you love so much you wish you’d created it?

M: “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac.

N: That’s a good one.

J: I think “Misery Business” slaps any time you listen to it so if that was one of ours, that would be pretty cool.

N: “WAP!”

Listen to senses’s debut EP ‘take me out of here’ on Spotify below!

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