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Yung Gravy Drops New Album “Gasanova”

Yung Gravy, the only rapper that compares himself to Martha Stewart, just released his second full-length album Gasanova. The Minnesota born rapper took the internet by storm when Mr. Clean became a popular internet song. Even though he has been rapping for quite some time, his career began to take flight during his final year of college. With humble beginnings, he has become very popular and definitely stands out from the rest. His style is retro, his songs have innuendos only he can pull off. He considers himself the “family man of the rap game,” and that he makes, “mom music.”

Gasanova, released on October 2, showcases Yung Gravy’s “evolution in widescreen technicolor.” It has a variety of flavor from Latina sounds, country tunes, and of course, his disco sounding rap style. This albums concept began early this year but came to fruition during quarantine. It features rappers such as Ski Mask The Slump God, Chief Keef, Y2K, TrippyThaKid, and more.

In three words Gravy says this album “thumps, is carefree, and gas.” And he is 100% right. His music is known for being easygoing and fun. This album encompasses that perfectly. From songs about chips, to Wholefoods, and one of his favorite people, Martha Stewart, there’s a song for any occasion and mood.

My personal favorite from the album has to be “oops!”. I truly think this will be his next hit that pops off. While you may have not known his name before, get to know it now. His music will continue to grow and I have a feeling that TikTok will be all over this new album very soon.

Yung Gravy has a lot of exciting projects coming up that we will get to see play-out in the future. In his newest music video “yup!” it features popular social media influencers such as Trevor Wallace and Lenarr Young. Gravy was able to tell me that, “I have a lot more good friends that have yet to pop out in a video and we’ve always planned on it. I don’t want to ruin all the surprises.”

Watch the official music video for “yup!” here:

While we wait to see what Gravy has in store next, he wants fans to be able to listen to his music and take away that, “People need to learn to like just kind of not give a f*ck and just feel good. There’s a lot of negative energy on the internet and all over, and I think people need to like just be able to kick back and enjoy themselves.”

If you need something to bring a smile to your face and joy to your ears, listen to Yung Gravy’s new album “Gasanova”! Don’t forget to check out his latest music video “yup!” and follow him on social media!

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