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ZIG MENTALITY Drafts Their Hate Letter in New Single “Best Direction”

It’s been some time since I heard a new song which genuinely got me excited to write. Something about this year destroyed much of my passion to hear new music. Well, all that changed when ZIG MENTALITY popped into the For the Punks inbox.

Give me a song that’s self-engineered, self-produced, and still sounds professional as hell, then I’m all about it. “Best Direction” had me hooked as soon as the fuzzed out, power-chord driven guitar riff raged an introduction.

The main riff carries much of the song. It’s clear-cut and catchy; a perfect punk-rock staple to keep listeners engaged and connected to the track. Add in a 5-string bass to heavily thump some beef right along with the guitar and thrashing drums, and you’ve got something of deformative beauty. Those low B notes seriously drive the rhythm into your chest. Just imagine these instruments mic’d up at a concert.

Now let’s talk vocals. They’re gritty. An angry mix of hardcore punk and grungy rock n’ roll reminiscence of Nirvana, The Exies, or even The Hives. Singer Jig sends a personal hate letter to those who tell you no, after you put your creative passion into something and expect respect in return. I’d want to burn the world too.

In a song about maintaining your creative control and telling A&R reps to frankly, f*ck off, ZIG MENTALITY’S name says it all; to be ready to grow and adapt at a sharp angle.

Overall, “Best Direction” is a simple 2.5 min heater of a song. It stays rather modest, but in the most unique way to provide a frustration obsessed, head-banging attack from ZIG MENTALITY. I’m excited to see what they create next.

Song Rating: 4.8/5

To keep up with ZIG MENTALITY head to the links below and be sure to check out their single “Best Direction” today!

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