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America Part Two Release “The Bridge”

“It’s not your fault.”

America Part Two is the story of three friends from New Jersey. Alex Fabio (vocals/guitar), Fred Koechlin (vocals/bass), and Sam Weingarten (drums) are the perfect trio. 

In early 2017, America Part Two formed and recorded their first EP entitled Pure. They have honed in on one mission statement to define the band’s purpose on this astonishingly beautiful and hideously corrupted earth: perpetuate love, fight hate. For The Punks had a chance to spend the day with America Part Two on their Fall Tour 2019. If you have not had a chance to check that out, click here!

Their newest single “The Bridge” is about accepting reality and using all you have to step forward instead of back. If you were paying attention to their social media, you knew something was coming. And it’s here. The new song is officially here. 

Late last year they said, “…and this time next year, a three week tour will seem like a pebble compared to the mass of the rock that we will roll in 2020.” America Part Two is just getting started with their release of “The Bridge.” We cannot wait to see what the rest of 2020 will bring for them.

America Part Two carries their captivating rock sound into “The Bridge.” Following up late 2019 releases of  “Talk It Out” and “I Don’t Wanna,” “The Bridge” is certainly growing to be one of my favorite songs by America Part Two. The song reals in the listener on the very first note.

“What have you done to your life?

What have we done this time?”

The music video, very similar to the video for “Talk It Out,” is an exciting visual adventure that not only matches the message and overall sound of the song but the style of the band. Watch the official video for “The Bridge” here:

“The Bridge” is a B side track that “will be followed up by a second single, tying both songs together and showcasing the direction the band will be heading in going forward.” Get ready for more music from America Part Two very soon!

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