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October 2019 Band of the Month: Harmony Woods

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania band Harmony Woods, lead by the very wonderful Sofia Verbilla, is stoked to announce the release of their newest album Make Yourself at Home that comes out on October fourth via Skeletal Lightning. Not only is this indie-rock album perfect album for anyone this fall season, it’s the ultimate story of unwinding unhealthy behaviors and learning about yourself and the people around you. Make Yourself at Home is out now!

Hello! Introduce yourself. Who is Harmony Woods?

Harmony Woods is me (Sofia!) and whichever of my pals are available and down to record and play live.

Tell us something people may not know about you and your music.

I have a difficult time writing candid songs about my own life and my own experiences, so most of my songs and albums are fictional stories that are influenced by my experiences.

Make Yourself at Home comes out so soon! What does this album mean to you?  

I know, I’m kinda freaking out!! Make Yourself at Home is one of those records where I didn’t realize how greatly my past and unique experiences shaped the songs until I had been sitting on them for awhile. When I am writing a song, I’m never really thinking, “This song is gonna be about this specific thing,” I just kinda feel it out and see where it takes me. I actually haven’t realized until recently that these songs are all about pretty specific moments and feelings I’ve experienced; all the material subconsciously came out of me while writing I guess. Songwriting is very sneakily therapeutic in that way.

For fans of your previous album Nothing Special, what can they expect and/or feel while listening to the new album?

Though both records are concept albums about tense romantic relationships, I tried to explore the darker elements of that on Make Yourself at Home. If I want people to take one thing from this record, I want it to be that your worth is not dependent on what one single person, whether it’s your significant other or another very important person in your life, thinks of you. It was difficult for me to realize this for a very long time, but healthy relationships with other people depend on having a healthy relationship with yourself in many ways.

I’ve had “Best Laid Plans” on repeat recently! If you had to pick your favorite song from Make Yourself at Home what would it be and why?

Thanks so much! My personal favorite is probably “That’s Okay,” which closes out side A of the record. It starts out quiet but by the end actually ends up being our heaviest song so far. For a really long time I’ve wanted to make heavier and louder music, and I’m really glad I got the opportunity to do that on this track (and on a lot of other songs on the record!). 

You will be embarking on a tour with TWIABP&IANLATD soon! How exciting is that? What are you looking forward to?

I couldn’t be more stoked! TWIABP has been one of my favorite bands since I was in middle school, and the fact that we’re touring with them is still completely bonkers to me. The first time I saw them was at a venue in Philly called World Cafe Live right after they put out the Between Bodies EP, and I remember them being the best live band I had ever seen at that time. They’re still the best live band I’ve ever seen! I can’t believe I get to watch them nearly every night for two weeks. It’s pretty much everything my 14-year-old self (and my 20-year-old self!) has ever wanted.

It’s hard to believe that 2020 is just a few months away! What did 2019 teach you about yourself and music?

2019 has taught me many hard and necessary lessons about communication with other people, in your personal and professional life. I’ve always been a pretty awkward and evasive person who finds it hard to have difficult and tense conversations, but a huge part of growing up is learning how to do exactly that, and how to do it effectively. I’m not perfect by any means and I hope that I continue to learn and grow the way that I did this year. I’m hoping to channel my improved communication skills into my artistic endeavors once I get back in the swing of writing songs as well.

Does Harmony Woods have anything exciting planned for 2020?

Shows! Tours! Maybe some new music? We’ll see!

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Thank you so much for speaking with me!! 🙂 <3

Stream Make Yourself at Home now!


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