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Kasey, One-of-a-Kind Designs: Women’s History Month

“Revelry + Heart offers one-of-a-kind invitations, coordinating decor and personalized details, making life worth celebrating.”

Since 2011, Kasey has been creating kickass custom invitations, gifts, and event stationery. In 2017 she launched her own business Revelry + Heart because she craved a creative outlet and connection with people, despite working in corporate marketing as an art director. She shared that, “People call me a creator of one-of-a-kind designs for once in a lifetime moments.”

For The Punks is honored to have Kasey as one of our Women of the Month features not only because of her everlasting love for punk music, but for her kickass designs.

Revelry + Heart focuses on custom design that follows hearts, not trends, making them perfect for anything. If you’re a couple that wants epic invitations to amp guests for their wedding, Revelry + Heart is perfect! If you spill happy tears when you find the perfect gift, Revelry + Heart will help you create a keepsake! If you are your whole business, Revelry + Heart can help you create branding for your business!

Let’s give them something to talk about.

So one of the cool things about Kasey is that she’s been into punk since 2005. She said, “I was definitely a MySpace emo kid but got more into punk in high school and early college.” Even now, at almost 30 years old, she still loves the punk aesthetic, rock blurple (blue + purple) hair and her six piercings along with artists like Breathe Carolina, 3OH!3 and Taylor Swift. Kasey described to us, “I went to a very conservative private school which restricting what we wore or how we looked. As soon as I graduated, I dyed my hair hot pink and pierced my own ears.”

Kasey described to me that Annie Leibovitz, a photographer, has always been an inspiration to her. “She [Annie] is always pushing creative limits while turning out a stellar product. I love her mix of fantasy into her work.” 

Sarah and Brian, Kasey’s awesome couple, came to her wanting to make an offbeat wedding invitation that looked like one of their favorite Fleetwood Mac albums- Kasey calls this her “an invitation suite that got picked up by a rock n roll bride.” Personally, I think it’s super cool how they were able to incorporate their style into their wedding.

They [Sarah and Brian] originally wanted to use a photo they took and have a square invitation. Kasey then took the idea and pushed it through, and ended up doing a paper CD case, from an actual CD jacket printing company with a die-cut paper record inside. The record had their wedding information and the jacket had all the reception info. Kasey said, “It was really fun because we incorporated all these easter eggs into it like the name of their pet snake, Snake Gyllenhaal, was their record label, and the bar code of the record was the same as that of the record from the artist of their first dance. It ended up getting published because their whole wedding was music-themed, they performed and everything!”

Kasey has also done a mexi-punk wedding shoot, which you can view and read about here!

Mexi-punk photo by Ana Teresea Photography.

One of Kasey’s favorite parts about her studio is that she is able to really connect to people, “I don’t create any pre-made invitation templates, so everything we build together is inspired by you and your story.” Kasey said she feels that this is the most compelling part of what she does, in compared to other designers, “There are so many designers who just create without really tuning into what clients are all about, clients who think they know what they want and hire someone to make it for them, but I think the best ideas and end products come from equal collaboration from both sides.” 

Out of curiosity, I asked Kasey what she plans to do for the future. She first joked by saying, “I hope to create a rebel empire!” but then continued to say, “I hope to bring emotion back into gift-giving, and excitement into wedding planning. I strive to make the process comfortable and easy, it’s gotten really heavy with industry trying to dictate what people should and shouldn’t do for their weddings.” 

Kasey’s business takes your ideas into something everlasting. Photo by Chettara T. Photography,

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