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Kelsy Karter Releases an Empowering New Single “Stick To Your Guns”

Kelsy Karter is singer/songwriter originally from New Zealand with an LA style. The self-titled “friendly neighborhood rebel” takes on rock n’ roll with a bang. Kelsy is signed to BMG Records and has released music independently throughout 2019. Her newest release “Stick To Your Guns”, is a female empowerment rock anthem.

The instruments in the beginning of the song starts off soft and almost ominous. It focuses on the lyrics and the powerful vocals from Kelsy about being your true self. “Stick To Your Guns” then begins to crescendo and kick into the first verse with a fast tempo. This verse is heavily led by drums and a catchy tune.

The first complete chorus is backed by the full band with a marching type of feel. Lyrics such as “Bang, bang!” are echoed for a powerful effect. She entwines words of encouragement and self-assurance about staying true to who you really are. The song finishes out with reminders to not listen to what society tells you.

If you’re looking for an empowering female voice fresh in the rock n’ roll scene, Kelsy is the artist to listen to. With inspirations from classis rock icons such as Queen and David Bowie and modern influences such as Billie Eilish and Lana Del Ray, Kelsy is strutting her way up the charts with songs like “Harry” that have 1.7 million views on YouTube.

This song is the perfect reminder to be your true self and to not let anyone stand in your way. “I still don't care 'bout what you think” and “You better believe I live for these words,” are not only catchy, but the perfect anthem to scream when you’re feeling down.

As Kelsy is working on her debut album, I’m sure we will have more empowering rock songs to listen to soon.

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Be sure to stream “Stick To Your Guns” today!

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