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Remorsefully Numb Release Reflective New Single “Sapling”

“This imperfection’s killing me. I’ve pushed away the ones I need.

I can’t move on or take loss, I’ve lost the faith I said I’d keep.”

Photo by Mariah Turner Photography

In June, emo/post-hardcore band Remorsefully Numb released their new single “Sapling.” The quartet originates from Kansas City, MO and consists of Andrew Gibson (vocals/guitar), Chaz Florido (guitar), Jake Ayers (drums), and Warren Beal (bass). The group formed in 2016 and dropped their debut EP Fairmount in Fall 2018. This new song is a follow up to the previous single “Forfeit” as it picks up from where the song left off and further advances the narrative.

Vocalist Andrew Gibson explains the meaning behind the sequel track: “Sapling discusses the aftermath of losing someone because of your own selfish ways and not opening up and just being transparent with that person. Even when you think you’ve begun to heal yourself, you still bury away those things and have failed again to fully break away from your current position.”

“This imperfection that I keep, The one that gets the best of me.

I’ve worked so hard to hide this, I’ve fought the fight but now I’m weak.”

“Sapling” opens with rain sound effects in the background and an instrumental build up until the vocals are introduced. The raw power and energetic sound is reminiscent of Taking Back Sunday, their influence shining through most prominently within the chorus. Distorted guitar intertwines with powerful drums, maintaining a constant steady beat and effectively transmitting the brooding desperation that is rooted deep beneath the surface.

The song tackles the difficulty of change and growth, and features honest, introspective lyrics that sentiments the pain of falling short and repeating a hazardous never ending cycle. With a heavy heart, Gibson cries out in his affliction, revealing the fight that has reached its lowest point. He is just barely hanging on by a thread.

“I’ll bury away this ache that I clutch, a pain I can’t give up. Repeat.”

Remorsefully Numb delivers an emotionally-gripping track that really showcases the band’s strength in songwriting. The relatable content of the lyrics depict an inward battle where Gibson is caught up in emotional issues that threaten to overpower him as he finds himself trapped in a web of his mistakes.

“And this woe, planted in me / Is the ache, it’s the disease. And these roots grow deep in me.

A sapling is all you see, being deceived.”

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