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14 Special Valentine’s Day Must Have Gifts

Valentine’s Day is one of those days that is a hit or miss for people, you know? And that’s okay, seriously.

Since the day is just around the corner, though, we want to remind you to shop at small businesses for the day. For example, you can get your nails done by local nail technicians, order your favorite desserts from startup bakeries, or support someone on this list of items that your For The Punks team has created! Featuring candles, puzzles, masks, and more, this is the ultimate gift shopping list for Valentine’s Day.

Shannon’s Valentine’s Day Wall Hangings

A groovy Valentine’s collection featuring pinks and reds with a splash of orange and yellow. Shannon used a special technique to create flower patterns and mimicked 70’s swirls and waves throughout. These wall hangings and more will drop at 3pm EST today, January 22! Along with this collection, she still has items from her New Years Day, Winter Collections, and more!

Shop here:

Body Normative Candle

Candles are amazing gifts for so many reasons, and are perfect for a romantic atmosphere, so why not give your loved one a candle that also works as a beautiful piece of art? This shop makes different shapes, sizes, and scents of body shaped candles- a perfect customized gift, especially when it comes to the body positivity movement!

Shop here:

Crystal Chocolate Boxes

Chocolate only lasts a few weeks, but crystals last forever, which is why we would recommend this heart shaped chocolate box full of crystals! There are tons of options available but we recommend this shop, as they have their crystals listed, and they are all great beginner crystals as well!

Shop the boxes by clicking here.

Romantic Lace Chokers

Not into traditional silver jewelry but still want to get some Valentine’s Day accessories? These handmade lace chokers are perfect for that. The shop owner, Casey, makes all sorts of beautiful, intricate, unique jewelry, showcasing a style for everyone’s aesthetic!

Shop here:

Handmade Delicate Accessories

For more traditional Valentine’s Day jewelry that is still handmade and supports a small business, Quinn is your person! Recently having just dropped a huge selection of heart shaped necklaces, earrings and more, these are the perfect choice for anyone looking for simple, yet beautiful pieces.

Shop here:

Flora Goddess Dangles

Court, also known as Lilbluberries, is a Toronto based artist who loves making resin barrettes and other jewelry items, like these beautiful Flora Goddess Dangles.

Shop here:

Shannon’s ‘Haunt Me’ Valentine’s Day Card

Shannan is a ink and digital illustrator from Texas who also makes anklets that attach directly to skates. These cards from here recent Valentine’s Day drop are the perfect card to accompany any Valentine’s Day gift. Along with the card, she also has other ink illustrations and unique accessories in her shop like keychains and stickers!

Visit the shop here:

Peculiar Pluto’s Valentine’s Day Collection

Jojo, the owner of Peculiar Pluto is passionate about sewing and crafting. Her shop for Valentine’s Day features scrunchies, hats, tote bags, and more. She is always creating new products to add to the store with unique limited edition and seasonal items that fit any budget.

Shop here:

PorrinoArt’s Valentine’s Day Hoodies and Tote Bags

PorrinoArt is a UK based artist who sells hoodies, tote bags, prints, cards, and more. These tote bags and hoodies, from her special Valentine’s Day collection are available in multiple colors like red, white, and black. Shop today! PorrinoArt says, “Bringing you a bloody Valentine with these limited edition Valentine’s Day Atom Heart hoodies! Super comfy & soft!”

Shop here:

Jewelry from The Royal Plug

The Royal Plug is an online store that is all about creating new trends and styles. They want you to feel good, beautiful, and confident in your own skin without breaking the bank. Along with this lovely Darling Daisy ring, they have necklaces, anklets, and more that are perfect not only for Valentine’s Day but for any upcoming event.

Shop here:

Lipgloss and Wandtubes from Lovely Lai Cosmetics

Shop with Lai, a female and teen entrepreneur who makes lip gloss and wand tubes! Her flavors, like this Bubblegum one, are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Her mission is to make beautiful women and girls feel confident with all natural care!

Buy here:

HEARTMOON Tee from God Lust Studios

Meg is the owner of God Lost Studios and is inspired by ancient art, folklore, and language systems. This HEARTMOON Tee, along with many other apparel items from God Lust Studios are only available until February 14, Valentine’s Day! So act fast!


Wax Melts + Candles from LovelyyLunar

Ranging from $3 to $25, these wax melts and candles from Caitlyn, also known as LovelyyLunar are the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. We are especially loving her candle boxes (pictured), which features a mug candle, 10 wax melts, and 1 mini heart tin candle.

Shop here:

Earrings from The Clay Wabi-Sabi

Based in Texas, the Clay Wabi-Sabi creates handmade, lightweight, polymer clay earrings. Every pair of earrings are unique and no two are exactly the same! Their most recent shop update features a small Valentine’s Day collection and some other neutral styles.

Shop here:

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed our list of small businesses to support this Valentine’s Day! Let us know in the comments which one was your favorite and if you bought anything!

Don’t forget to check out our brand new Valentine’s Day Playlist available on Spotify! Featuring artists like Lizzo, Beyoncé, and more, this playlist is a combination of all songs that make us feel both good and bad about Valentine’s Day.

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