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A Chill Night With Madi Diaz

Aside from the chaos that goes on in our lives, Madi Diaz sure knows how to create a calm atmosphere with nothing but her voice and guitar. The singer visited The Neighborhood Theater in Charlotte, North Carolina on February 23 on her ‘Weird Faith’ tour, alongside Olivia Barton, creating such a chill and relaxing night. As someone who is currently in college, a night like this, away from the stress of homework and projects, was very much needed.  

To start the night, Barton took the stage, where she created such a calm and soothing presence. She performed songs dedicated to family, love and relationships, especially for a love that takes place at a Sonic (which made me want food from there). Barton even performed “Cartwheel,” where when she was singing it, it felt like a comforting hug coming from her to my inner child, and a reminder that everything will be okay. She even announced that she is working on a new album that ties back to her country roots, and gave us a glimpse of what the album would look like. Each new song she performed was about either the love she had for her partner, no matter how far apart they were, or of any long-term relationship. 

Diaz later appeared and began to perform where, like Barton, created such a calm presence, only this time, they had some with an electric guitar. She performed songs such as “Same Risk,” “Don’t Do Me Good,” “Girlfriend,” and “Nervous,” all of which came with a story to tell from her experiences of love and relationships. There was even something comforting about Diaz’s performance: it felt like some kind of nostalgia and that I was transported back to a simpler time in my life or back to a memory long forgotten. Overall, like Barton’s set, each song came with a hug and the feeling that everything that I was worried about will work out. 

While I do love concerts that are upbeat, to the point where I can jump around and shout the lyrics at the top of my lungs, both Diaz and Barton’s sets reminded me to slow down, relax, and that a night at the Neighborhood Theater is what I really needed during the chaotic moments in and outside of my life. Both performances were like finally being able to unwind, and giving me the self-care that I really needed, and to believe that better things are to come. The performance reminded me, and hopefully anyone that listens or goes to see these two talented ladies in person, that everything will work out, all in Weird Faith

Olivia Barton

Madi Diaz

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