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An Interview With Hardcore Band Hold My Own

Hailing from Chicago and New Jersey, Hold My Own are creating 100% pure, in-your-face hardcore. On October 20, the band released their new EP, In My Way, on DAZE and it features six tracks that have some serious breakdowns, surprising samples, and guest vocal features from Jon Ortiz of Sector and Senta of Japanese hardcore band Numb.

If you enjoy bands like Biohazard, Bulldoze, and Sheer Terror, Hold My Own will have you interested with the first song.

Hold My Own has had the chance to play some awesome festivals this year including This Is Hardcore and Tied Down and will be playing Flyover Festival next month and FYA in Florida in January. They’re busy playing shows across the states and even if you don’t see them at Flyover or FYA, there will still be an opportunity to see them soon, I’m sure.

Not only do these six tracks take that old school energy and bring it into a modern fury, they were able to introduce me to the Japanese hardcore band Numb, which I learned a little more about in the interview with Hold My Own below. Senta of Numb is featured on track four of the EP, “Forever True,” and it’s probably one of my favorite tracks on the release.

Guitarist Anchit Chhabra took some time to answer my questions about their EP, a music video with Sunny Singh (Hate5Six), inspirations outside of hardcore, and more! Continue reading to check it out.

Hi! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for us. Give us a quick intro on Hold My Own.

Thanks for having us! Hold My Own is a 100% hardcore band representing Chicago and New Jersey. We formed during the pandemic days but unfolded as a band that plays shows non stop and does as much as humanly possible. We have Greg Falchetto on the mic, my blood brother Kashish Chhabra on bass, long time friend Serigio Mendoza on drums, and myself on guitar and vocals.

Your newest EP released on October 20 and features 6 tracks. Talk to us a little about this release. How was writing? What are some themes of the EPs and were there any specific events/experiences that influenced the songs?

Writing for this spanned about a year of me coming up with a bunch of demos in my apartment. I come up with full songs and then we tweak them where needed. The main theme of the record is doing things your own way and never compromising. Life leading up to this point influenced it. It’s about doing things your way. Don’t let anyone get in the way of you getting in your way… that makes sense right?

You are working with DAZE for the release of the EP too. How has it been working with DAZE? Track four of the EP “Forever True” includes Senta from the Japanese hardcore band Numb. I haven’t heard of Numb before seeing your tracklisting. What was this collaboration process like?

Working with DAZE is a blessing. Lumpy is very supportive and encouraging. The man makes shit happen. NUMB was one of the first hardcore bands from Japan I heard… possibly one of the first hardcore bands I listened to outside of the United States. The Numb “No Mercy” music video is legendary to me. I love Senta’s vocal style. We have slightly connected here and there and I asked if he wanted to be on a song and he was down. Our drummer, Serg, also went on tour in Japan awhile back and they connected.

The music video for “In My Way,” was filmed and directed by Sunny Singh. To my knowledge, he hasn’t worked on many music videos. What was it like working with him on this project? What made you want to work with him on the video?

You’re definitely right, it’s the first music video Sunny has done. The video was filmed at my parents home. They are super Indian haha. Sunny just understood what was going on. I didn’t have to explain much of anything to him besides the main guideline. He just knew what was up.

Family, traditions, and culture were included in the video. This must be special to you. Were there any challenges that came along with this or was it all supportive and fun?

It was all super supportive and funny. We were trying to do the music video in a different part of the house and for some reason my dads like “nope, you have to do it over here. It will look better” – so that’s what we ended up doing. He also wanted us to just eat the food that got delivered instead of work on the video which was hilarious.

Watch the music video for “In My Way” below.

What 3 words best describe this EP?

100%. Pure. Hardcore.

You are inspired by bands like Biohazard, Bulldoze, and Sheer Terror. What groups, musicians, or things outside of hardcore inspire you?

Frank Sinatra, Classical Music from India, Biggie, Onyx, Three Six Mafia, Buc-ees, Red Bull, Limoncello La Croix, weed, movies, and good food.

Members of Hold My Own are also in MH Chaos, Sector, and a few other bands. What’s the importance to you in being in more than one band? Are there any challenges that come with being in multiple bands?

Being in multiple bands allows the opportunity to play with various musicians and experience more in general. I’m very grateful for playing in multiple bands. It’s a lot of craziness most of the time but I probably would go even crazier if I didn’t do all of this. I’m sure the same goes with everyone else who does it.

What are some of your favorite 2023 releases? Any genre welcome!

Pain of Truth – Not Through Blood

Big Boy – Spring Promo 2023

Discontent Demo

Outta Pocket – Waste of a Man

Never Ending Game – Outcry

Done Deal – Demo

Bayway – The Newport Sessions


Torena – Evil Eyez

This interview is also in support of your upcoming performance at Flyover in Tulsa. You played this fest last year and you have played a bunch of other fests this year too (LDB, TIHC, Tied Down, etc.). How does it feel to be included on the Flyover lineup again? And, in general, how does it feel being part of so many notable fests?

Very stoked to come back to Flyover. Last year was great. I lost my wedding ring right before we played last year. That was hell. Aaron helped me track it down and I got it after we played the after show. Let’s see what happens this year.

Super grateful to be a part of any fest or show someone puts us on. I didn’t expect this band to play much at all, let alone every weekend.

What was your favorite part of Flyover last year? What are you looking forward to this year? What bands on the 2023 lineup are you excited about?

My favorite part was Gridiron, hitting the food hall, and chillin with homies in the merch area and finding my wedding ring. I’m excited to see a lot of bands on the line up. There’s a bunch of midwest bands playing and some great bands playing all weekend.

If you had to share one last thing with us (about anything), what would that message be?

Go out and be a real person.

Watch Hold My Own perform last year at Flyover Festival below.

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